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Chris Stuckmann reviews Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Spider-Man as a kid: I like that idea. In the comics, we watched Pete grow up. He started out as an awkward teen with spider powers. He then graduates and goes to college. Then he becomes an adult and gets a regular job. He even gets marries and starts a family. (Although some idiot decided that Peter needed an aged aunt more than a wife, so they HAD HIM MAKE A FREAKING DEAL WITH THE FREAKING DEVIL! – T H E . F R E A K I N G . D E V I L !!!)

    Anyway, I would have liked to see a Spider-Man who grows up, who starts out younger, and then matures into an adult as the movies progress. AND NO DEALS WITH THE FREAKING DEVIL! Seriously, IT’S THE FREAKING DEVIL! DON’T MAKE A DEAL WITH HIM!

  2. Judging from this review, I think I’ll have an okay reaction to this movie. The casting except for Spider-Man is rubbing me the wrong way before I’ve seen the movie. I might have the same reaction that I had to Power Rangers regarding the action but this seems like it will be better since I know for a fact that this has more than one action scene. Haha.

  3. If it was possible, Ben Affleck and Tom Holland need to be in a Batman/Spider-Man crossover. WB and Sony are already working together for the Blade Runner sequel. Why not this? Instant billion dollars!

  4. Product placement is really making it where I don’t ever go see modern movies. It’s one thing if there’s a car in the movie, and so you farm out who gets to offer the car. It’s another to have some sort of ad for the car embedded in the movie.

    They need to get that, for this sort of thing, if we actually notice the ad, they’ve failed. If we just come away thinking that your product looks cool, you’ve succeeded. If I notice the ad, then I also know that I’m going to avoid buying your stuff, as I want to discourage you taking me out of movies with your ads.

    Not that advertising a car to so many people makes sense. Most people do not brand shop for cars. They look at features and price. Hell, most people buy used. Target your ads by offering them when someone is online looking for a car, not the rest of us who will just be annoyed by a product we’ll never buy.

    • I held off buying an iPod for *years*, partly because of the annoying product placement in Blade III. It wasn’t even a sulky boycott – it just placed such a sour taste in my mouth, I couldn’t stand the idea of getting one.

  5. It just seems weird to cast someone who is well known for looking so much younger than she actually is to play the old aunt that adds to Peter’s responsibility. It just feels like Hollywood and how they mistreat older female actors.

  6. I noticed the same thing about the Vulture being a scavenger (and posted it on Film Brain’s review); but it wasn’t just because he was stealing, so much as because he was stealing after the battle had been fought.

  7. You keep talking in this review about ‘if you want things to look exactly like the comics’ OR ‘if you’re okay with the changes’.
    I’m actually both.

    TL;DNR: I *prefer* characters to look exactly like they do in the comics, but can still enjoy them when they don’t.

    For me, a big point of live-action comic-book movies to see these characters as they would be in real life, so I get very disappointed when they don’t. eg: Having an overweight Joker in the ’89 Batman.
    However, I can still enjoy the character and appreciate them in the movie if they do a good job with it. eg: having Jack Nicholson (!) as the Joker in the ’89 Batman.
    So, I can like this version of ‘May’ as a neat character, even if I’d prefer an older one like the comics. (Helped by the fact that I’ve already seen a perfectly-cast version in the Raimi movies.)

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