Splendor & Misery – Goin’ Off

We talk about WatchMojo, Kesha’s new album, and review clipping.’s breakthrough LP!

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  1. Hey guys.

    So, this is my first time listening to your podcast. I’ve watched both your shows, but never really had the desire to listen to the podcast because none of the subjects seemed like things I would be interested in.

    To me what makes a good podcast/podcaster is when they can take topics a person has little to no interest in and make them interested enough to listen to you for an hour or more. You guys made me want to listen to the whole podcast even though I had no interest (initially) in any of what was in the description.

    I will totally be going back to listen to old episodes now.

    Also, I’d proudly display your bumper sticker on my car ^_~

    Oh! And are you guys in NC? I heard mention of Durham, which is about 30 mins from where I am. I realize other states probably have a city called Durham, but if you are in NC….Awesome! I wish I was in a position to guest on your show. My only claim to fame is my voice acting work. I’m in Warframe, Payday 2, and a few indy games and animated shorts. =)

  2. I occasionally watch WatchMojo. I don’t think they’re too bad. I don’t think they realized the top 10 tragedies would be considered offensive. On the subject of Katy Perry, Rise and Wide Awake are really inspirational to me.

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