Star Tours (1987-2010) COMMENTARY – Some Jerk

To honor the release of that long-awaited cultural milestone ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE ROAD CHIP, Some Jerk With A Camera, Spazz Master and The Wire commentate on their 2011 co-review of Disneyland’s original Alvin & the Chipmunks ride, STAR TOURS! With special guests Tricksterbelle and Doggans!

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Join Some Jerk With A Camera on location at Disneyland, California (and occasionally other theme parks!) for a series of whacked-out, irreverently irrelevant digress-alicious trips through some of the best and worst attractions and paraphernalia theme parks have to offer!


  1. Crossover Princess

    You don’t have to apologize, I would have been more angry if you hadn’t done a video for Star Wars whether it was a commentary, one of your crazy commentaries or a video where someone forces you to the ride the Adventure Continues again so you can comment on the new additions they made thanks to the Force Awakens.

    By the way I have an idea for a video, do a Special Edition of The Adventure Continues so you can talk about the new additions, make new jokes about Disney Owning Star Wars now and adding crappy CGI things to the background for no real reason other than you can…

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