Star Trek: 3 Theories – Diamanda

A trio of Star Trek theories.

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  1. When you mentioned the Borg as farmers, I thought a different type of farm. Trillions of drones spread out across the galaxy, what are they doing on the planets? Server farm…they are in alcoves across those planets assisting the collective with data processing.

    The three theories work, can be added into my own head cannon. I approve.

  2. Well.. in fact there is already explanation why Star Fleet is mostly composed from Humans. Star Fleet is a Terran Star Fleet not Federation Star Fleet. Most members of Federation are isolationist species who don’t have more then trade and scientific fleet. But humanity has huge push on space exploration and develop huge military fleet for that purpose. Here it is worth to mention that in alternative universe of Star Trek instead Federation we have tyrannic Terran Empire as humans conquered there whole region by force and its fleet is mostly same as of Federation. But in main universe humans decide to join Federation and spread own influence peacefully (it isn’t that white but later humans find out that it is also profitable), but simple fact is that they own most of its military force. Other aliens in Star Fleet are mosty there as part of cultural exchange.

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