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Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide deals with Klingons, the Cold War, and a terrifying monster silly even by Lost in Space standards.

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  1. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    stop reviewing star trek I’m too young too have watched

  2. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    They’re in a cave in the middle of semi desert in mid-day, why would they need to go to effort to keep kirk warm?

  3. I believe the most accepted pronunciation of the weird monkey-like creature is: Moo-Gah-Two. (Spelled Mugatu) It doesn’t make it any less stupid, but I figured it is worthwhile to point out.

  4. I didn’t mind the mugatu looking like a gorilla with bits stuck on. They keep running into humans with bits stuck on all the time.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Kirk X McCoy slash fiction is out there somewhere. There has to be a reason Kirk calls him “Bones” after all.

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