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Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide watches Kirk and company get pulled into a planet’s sanitized war, so he decides to give him a real one. Thing Die Hard, but with less action and more strutting about like a self-important ass.

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The real solution to this was to go the other way, i always thought. Don’t kill anyone. Just agree upon the winners from the simulation. And only if they don’t honor the simulation is there risk of actual war. (Of course, this means being sure you have the actual weapons and upkeep.) Destroying their computers at best means no war until they build a new one. At worst, it ends their civilization. If things are bad enough that you still need to go to war, or your society still that married to war, taking out the machine won’t fix it.… Read more »
Don’t get me wrong, I get that Kirk wasn’t really in a position to force that solution, and he did need to save his people from what were essentially a bunch of murderers. Even if they were willing to go along with it making it not murder for them, it was murder for the rest of his ship. Still, he could have tried a compromise at this point. “You guys do what you want, but you just declare us dead, and we won’t come back. And if other people decide that just declaring people dead is better than killing, then… Read more »
Chicken Puppet

Star Trek TOS is at it’s best when it combines the action and drama of a military/police procedural with a Rod Serling style surrealist “twist”.

In this case, it delivered on the twist with the war simulation. Who had ever thought of such an idea as computer simulated war games with real consequences at that time. I remember this being a very original and enjoyable episode.