Star Trek Beyond Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Delrith review the latest Star Trek Film in the Rebooted franchise, how does this latest Sci-fi Adventure fair?

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  1. I’ve only seen a Star Trek episode once. I liked the first JJ Abrams movie. I didn’t like the second. I’m going to see this one next weekend.

  2. “See this, and not Ghostbusters, or we are not friends!”
    But Joe, we’re already not friends because you don’t like The Beastie Boys.

  3. I’m very surprised at your score Joe.
    I think you had your expectations set so low that just because the movie wasn’t horrible you got all excited. Really it was a rather average movie, definitely the worst of the 3, on your scale it can’t be above 5/10.

    I’m going to be vague here, but you may consider some of this to be SPOILERS.

    1. The climax with the music is stupid. What was that the frequency 45.1 Mhz? that’s not audible.
    2. They jammed their communication and they just blew up, so dumb. Also everyone but the villain and Scotty?
    3. Spaceship are not Yo Yo’s they don’t take off down to go into space.
    4. Hundred year old spaceship was remarkably preserved. Including the leather on the furniture on board.
    5. Scotty makes 100 year old ship operational in hours, but can’t plug in a damn audio cable correctly.
    6. Villain watches too much V for Vendetta and thinks torture sets you free and makes you stronger.
    7. Vital space station system doesn’t have an emergency shut down or any backup systems. Nor is it equipped to filter out dangerous substances out of itself. Obviously security is also not necessary.
    8. Spaceships that are hard enough to penetrate the enterprise outer haul in space then burn upon reentering the atmosphere behind that same enterprise that stays intact. While the ships are more aerodynamic and aren’t doing an emergency landing unlike the enterprise.

    I could probably go on, but that would mean wasting my time talking about a movie I didn’t like very much.


    • I was aware of many of the things that made no logical sense, for instance exploding the drone ships with rock music. However, I thought the action was so beautifully shot, and I simply had so much fun watching the film, such things hardly mattered.

  4. I wished they would have released Beyond in September so they could have marketed with the 50 anniversary.

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