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Star Trek: Deep Space Mold Problem.

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  1. I was more B5 guy than ST guy back in day but DS9 is one ST series that I still like. Then again not only it’s rather close to B5 but it also had several seasons dedicated to galactic war between Federation and they allies and Dominion and they allies.

  2. I think I remember my older brother owning this comic book when I was younger, the mold story definitely brings back memories when I would sneak off with it from his room without him knowing and reading it out of curiosity. 😀

  3. I sincerely believe that at this point the Patreon crowd is trying to one up each other with weird requests for you, Linkara.

  4. Captain Johnson looks like John Tesh.

  5. I know very little about this show. I don’t even recognize most of these characters. Oh yeah, they were never in any movies. I’m obviously more into movies than TV. The Kardishians? Boy, were they accurate.

  6. I could make a Kardashians/Cardassians joke, but I feel that would be a waste of time and brain cells.

  7. Yes!!! I love DS9 the most as well and I’ve only seen 2 episodes!! I love the station enviroment as it gives levels to the Star Trek universe youdon’t see often and the characters are interesting and likeable.

    Your intro is awesome!!! If the powers that be ever actually make another series, they need to get you to do…everything, actually. It would be so cool!!!

    5:38 who when you tick off becomes Man called Hawk

    11:53 yeah he is

    12:04 thank god!!!

    Next weeks sounds to be odd….excited!!

    Also, what do you think of the rules Paramount set for Star Trek fan films

  8. I remember Malibu waited a while into season one before starting the DS9 comic so they wouldn’t make the same mistake DC did with TNG. I think it was in a letter section that they talked about the problem with the early TNG comics, the horrible ones you’ve reviewed, is that they were so desperate to get it off the ground they didn’t give themselves enough time to get to know the TNG characters, and, thus, everyone acts out of character. Malibu wanted to get to know the DS9 characters a bit so they could accurately portray them and, from what I remember, they didn’t do a half bad job for first season DS9.

    But, yeah, the main problem is that they seem to have felt obliged to use Jake in this issue just because he’s in the opening credits and, thus, you get a superfluous plot thread.

  9. I also love Deep Space Nine. Like I have with The Next Generation, during the summer, my mom and I would stay up to watch an episode on syndication before going right to bed. I didn’t understand much of it back in the 90’s, but also like TNG, when they were showing DS9 on Spike TV, I had a better understanding of the show’s plot and characters. Oh, and The Dominion War was badass.

    10:33- I don’t recall Odo ever turning into small animals on the show.

    The “holo-arcade” sounds like it’s gonna be called the PlayStation 40 or something.

    I also love how awesome Benjamin Sisko is. The way he talks, the way he expresses himself, and of course all the times he’s been in an argument. Oh, and thanks for showing one of the IBM commercials with Sisko himself, actor Avery Brooks.

    15:12- In speaking of baseball, I love the episode “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.”

    I also think this comic is okay. Not worthy of being an episode, but just fine the way it is.

    Next Week, you’ll be reviewing an audio drama, huh? …Not exactly a “Happy Birthday” moment for me, but okay.

    • Odo turns into a rat to sneak aboard a ship at one point (possibly “The Circle – Season 2 opening 3 parter) and turns into a dog to catch Quark in “Little Green Men”. CGI was pretty expensive for a weekly show (then) so he didn’t transform that much.

      Incidentally, when is this meant to be set in terms of episodes? Because “Babel” was Season 1 and featured a Bajoran Bioweapon left on the station!

      • Oh, thanks. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched DS9. And you just reminded me of what Odo did to save Quark, Rom, and Nog after they traveled back in time in 1947 Roswell, New Mexico.

  10. TragicGuineaPig

    0:46 – I can’t wait for our planet to also be freed from the Kardashians.

  11. Yeah, since I’m not a Star Trek fan, I REALLY thought you were saying Kardashians for the first two times you said it. 😀 LOL.

  12. I’m guessing the audio drama will be either be an episode of The Green Hornet or one of the Big Finish Doctor Who dramas.

  13. Deep Space Nine is by far my favorite Star Trek as well, but I’ll readily admit that the early seasons are a bit hit and miss.
    Oddly enough, just like TNG it starts getting really good around the time somebody (Riker, Sisko) grows a beard.

    • I don’t know. In some ways, I think the second season, when Riker first grew the beard, is actually overall worse than the first.

      • We can all agree though, that the first couple of seasons of DS9 were way better then the first couple seasons of TNG, right?

      • There was a writer’s strike, so they used a few scripts from Phase II to make due. Probably wasn’t a help that it was written for different characters. However, TNG did better once Gene was kicked upstairs and the characters were allowed to act more like real people than smug stereotypes.

  14. Always a little weird to look at early Sisko. The hair and clean shaven look made Avery Brooks look a little generic. I remember watching him on Spenser For Hire and was really impressed with how well he plays a badass. Despite hitting Q, he did seem to lack some of that early on. Once he reverted to his regular look, he fully became THE SISKO.

    Your baseball/football question is valid. While football (NFL) is far more popular in the U.S. today, it’s global presence is practically nil, while baseball is played in a lot more countries, particularly Latin America and Japan.

  15. Regarding the glass beakers- glass is mostly used by chemists because it’s non-reactive. Which doesn’t explain why they haven’t found a sturdier futuristic wonder material in DS9, but does at least explain why transparent aluminum isn’t an option.

  16. Ah Star Trek opening, How I’ve missed you
    Gonna see Beyond tomorrow, can’t wait o(☼u☼)o

  17. Captain Chaotica

    This review marks something of an event for me–the first time I’ve not only heard of the comic or series it’s based off of you’re reviewing…but actually OWN the comic. When I saw the cover I was actually squeeing, ‘cos “OHMYGOD I KNOW THAT ONE!!!”

    Yeah. It took that long. 😛 I don’t have that big of a comics collection but I AM a massive Star Trek fan. Especially Deep Space Nine. My local comic shop had the Malibu ones in the ’90s, and I would buy whatever issues of it were available that I didn’t have yet, whenever I swung by there. Including extra copies sometimes for my mom, who is the one who _raised_ me to be the massive Trekkie I am.

    As for the show itself…well, pretty much what Linkara said. It’s easily my favourite Trek show–and the main reason why is the writing. The characters, the cast, the continuity, the depth, emotion, and relationships. You can’t get that with a show that keeps flitting off to the next planet all the time, but on Deep Space Nine, pretty much everything has the chance to catch up with them a few weeks later.

    Seriously, it’s the best Trek, and if you haven’t seen past the clunky first season…give it a chance. It picks up. BOY does it pick up.

  18. On glass, presumably transparent aluminum is still aluminum, and hence reactive to a number of chemicals.

    Glass is used primarily because it is non-reactive to just about everything, and so far as I know the only suitable alternative in Star Trek lore would be a force field. Although there’s still no reason for the beaker to be so fragile when even today we can make them a fair bit stronger than that.

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