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In the midst of a Klingon attack, our hero is sent off to the brig for attempted mutiny. The plot twist is that this time mutiny actually means more than a finger-wagging.

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  1. “I’m not sure if the sound of his cowbell will give him away.”


  2. Federation sure has big loss rate when it comes to space battles not involving just main ship of that series against one or several enemy ships. So yeah, Federation kinda sucks at fleet battles. I get that they are supposed to be more of explorers than military fleet but it would help if they were better at fighting enemy fleets.

  3. I’ll admit, whatever my feelings are on STD as a whole I enjoyed the opening. It did its job to entertain me and make me want to see the next episode. But boy did it have some problems. Probably the most glaring problem was Micheal consistently acting like an idiot, like to the point Janeway blowing up the array seems smart in comparison. Attacking her Captain, willing to go onto a hostile ship with just her Captain, and then killing the guy who they said needed to live so things didn’t get worse. They could have even fixed that somehow, made it so her phaser was damaged and she had to use a Klingon weapon with no stun setting. But nah, just put a hole in the guy and make him a martyr.

    Way too much Klingon. They killed off the actual interesting character (and then really urinated on her corpse by having the Klingons eat it). Thats not even getting into the uninspired Kelvin-verse designs and canon snarls.

  4. “It would be a completely different universe if she had.” Next episode: DS9 Crossover. There first mirror universe episode.

    I scene a pattern has developed for new entries on SF Debris in the tenth year!

  5. The captain could’ve been a promising character but not only was she defeated in an argument by Burnham pulling the race card she was also foolish enough to think 2 women could take on the bridge of a Klingon vessel. Say what you want about Fleet captains, but at least they sent a whole team not just 2 random members who can’t fight an alien foe. Also I like how he ignored mentioning the massive retcon of Sarek. You know the guy who hated his own half-breed son but yet showed emotional connection, a fucking Vulcan, towards a HUMAN. Not to mention the bullshit ability just given to her because gotta have her be as big of a Mary sue as possible. Aside from the space battle these 2 episodes failed at their job of hooking me to watch more of it, and honestly with the clear political charge this show portrayed (even said by the staff) so far I ain’t gonna miss much.

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