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Disgraced prisoner Michael is sent to the USS Discovery so she can be snubbed by Starfleet and look at spores. Naturally it’s an action episode.

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  1. “I don’t think the people at CERN are walking around with machine guns on their back.”

    You might better ask Hououin Kyouma about that. Bottom line: DON’T MESS WITH CERN! They’ll mess your world up! Literally!

    (Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, watch Steins Gate. It starts off slow, but gets really intense about half way through.)

  2. I know its only the 3rd episode but this is where it really started to lose me. As someone who relatively enjoyed the two part pilot this episode felt kinda…… best. Nobody is likeable save Milly and that Klingon that shushed them, black alert seems stupid, destroying the second ship seems really stupid, and the spore drive isn’t exactly something interesting enough to draw me in. And like Chuck said there is alot of problems with it being so Michael centered.

  3. So are the no longer going to be scores for the episodes? What about Annoying Character or the Burn Baby Burn?

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