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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide is part 6 of the 10th Anniversary. Bashir and Kira wind up in the mirror universe, not to be confused with last week’s backwards universe. I get those so confused.

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  1. When you got to the summary notion at the end about “something done with the best intention going horribly wrong,” I half expected the next episode would be ENT: Cogenitor. That’s actually one episode I’ve most curious to hear your thoughts on given how much you’ve already discussed on the ethics of the Prime Directive. Because if Observation Effect felt like an apology for Dear Doctor, Congenitor felt more like an argument for the defense.

  2. In the mirror universe everyone is suppose to have the opposite personality. That means Kira would act nothing like her counterpart if she had control of the station.

    • That is not an established rule. Even with the now so frequently recognized as “beard of evil” from the first mirror universe episode, Spoke is described is as described as a man of integrity in both universes. It’s just the one in the mirror universe is originally local to conquerors until primary universe Kirk convinces him the Empire is illogical because it cannot endure.

      • It’s true that in both universes a characters counter part will share traits. I am more referring to what they choose to do with those traits.

        We can assume that both Kirks have traits of leadership. Decisive action, ship logistics, and an ability to judge the skills of your crew are all necessary to hold the position of captain. No amount of fear you can inspire will make up for the lack of these when a mission calls for them. They differ what they do with this trait and which goals they pursue.

        Similarly both Spocks use logic, but counterpart Spock uses logic in a self serving way. One would base their actions on an analysis of the situation. The other would present an analysis which supports the actions they have already decided on.

        We can assume that the Kiras share similar skill sets. Where one would say that those skills were necessary to defend against tyrants the other would say being a tyrant allows them to use their skills.

  3. “Check your chin… Is there a goatee there? I thought so”

    But… I always have a goatee… Are you saying I’m a bad guy? D’:

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