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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide kicks off the final story arc with Penumbra! Worf is missing, so Dax goes looking for him. Of such things are epics made.

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Devil's Advocate
about Dukat. remember what you said about him in your overview of the character? the writers were trying to say that yes, Dukat IS a complete and utter monster like Darh’el from “Duet”. “Walts” was made with the purpose of them fixing their mistake and making Dukat the one dimensional monster he was always meant to be. and why do people always say totally evil characters are unrealistic? they exist, like America’s first recorded serial killer H. H. Homes who said “I was born with the devil in me.” or another serial killer, Jane Topan who was the real life… Read more »
Except Dukat *wasn’t* a one-dimensional monster. He was a monster, to be sure, but DS9 put far too much effort into exploring and developing his character to write him off as one-dimensional. We’ve seen Dukat as an ambitious and ruthless man climbing the ranks of the Cardassian military. We’ve seen him give up that career and status for the sake of his daughter. We saw him go rogue and wage a one-man war against the Klingons. We saw him betray half the galaxy, becoming the most important man in the Alpha Quadrant in the process. Then we saw him lose… Read more »
Devil's Advocate

whatever dimensions Dukat had before “Waltz”, the writers did away with them in that episode and that is the way they wanted it.


“As of today, all this land belongs to me.”
“But you have no money. What did you buy it with?”
“Yep, all mine. Now I just need to purchase the materials…”
“With what???”