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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide heads to season two for two character plots and a mystery about people disappearing without explanation. They should probably start with Lieutenant Primmin.

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  1. IF this is supposed to be a whole village of holograms, how come they don’t have “H” on their foreheads?

  2. These are probably the type of episodes that are the hardest to review. There’s very little that’s bad. But at the same time, nothing is too stand out. It’s a competently written and directed episode that’s mainly there to give more depth to the characters so you understand their personalities and motivations better in future episodes.

  3. I’ve always had a problem of Star Treks’s concept of a “sentient” hologram. In this case, they could theoretically just run the program within the computer without actually projecting anything. More to the point, the “people” wouldn’t really be completely separate. They’d share code and data. Only a small piece of database would be dedicated to the unique aspects of each character. Wouldn’t the computer, itself, be what is sentient?

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