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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide continues to follow the closing days of the war. Martok is sent on impossible missions by Gowron so that people will stop thinking he’s an awesome general when he loses. And you thought your country’s politics were bad?

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    -12:28 – Someone needs to give Princess Leia back her hat. What next, is he going to pull out a Thermal Detonator to try to get a bigger bounty?


  2. All I could think of is, “Hey, that’s Neroon.”

    I kind of hate the idea that removing the Comm Badge is tantamount to resignation, but only for the duration of the fight.

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      It’s not necessarily a resignation; it’s more that the character is symbolically declaring that what he’s about to do or say has nothing to do with Starfleet. Essentially, when they remove their comm badge, they’re taking off the uniform.

      This was actually a callback to the TNG episode “Reunion,” incidentally. When Worf realizes that Duras was responsible for the murder of K’Ehleyr, his lover and the mother of his only son, he briskly but calmly leaves the crime scene and goes to his quarters. While he’s there, he removes his baldric, grabs his bat’leth, and leaves without saying a word. Before he walks out the door, however, he hesitates, and after a moment’s thought, tosses his comm badge aside. That’s the point at which it becomes very clear that Duras is about to die.

      Ironically, Worf killing Duras immediately secured Gowron’s place as Chancellor.

    • Bashir and Ross did the same before having an honest but classified off the record conversation.

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