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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide joins Quark and Odo in their two-man play called “Grown Men try to kill each other on the side of a mountain.” It’s off-off-off Broadway. And the ground.

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  1. From the references to changeling physiology in the show it seems like they’re more of a mineral rich slurry than an organic being. When Odo was forced into solid form his mineral composition was made to mimic biological systems but wouldn’t have actually become biological. As such Odo would 1) definitely not have any nutritional value and 2) probably taste terrible.

  2. I’ve heard some Trek fans complain that DS9 had “too many alien” characters, and found it harder to relate to them.

    In my opinion, it’s the show’s strength, and it shines in an episode like this. Auberjenois and Shimerman are both fantastic here and they elevate a well executed script of what is essentially an action show stock plot.

    I always have a soft spot for Jake and Nog because I was a teenager when this aired, so I forgive the weak B plot.

  3. FeraligatrReturns

    Wait just a minute, if members of the Orion Syndicate are so fanatical that they don’t need to kill their own to silence them, they kill themselves . . . then how come the only thing that stopped someone as self serving as Quark from joining was the fact that he didn’t have enough money? Methinks the Orion Syndicate needs to do better background checks.

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