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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide follows the crew as they try to rescue the sole survivor of a doomed mission.

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  1. on it being like a ghost story. can’t the supernatural thing at least once be real and not some type of alien or temporal technobable? after all, the supernatural is just science we don’t understand yet.

    • Star Trek is vehemently Anti-Supernatural and Anti-Religion so good luck with that wish.

      Classic Doctor Who was much better at doing Supernatural storylines with its Gods are Aliens really plots like Greatest Show in the Galaxy and Pyramids of Mars.

      Star Trek TNG of course had the Q but even in those episodes they had to hate on Religion wherever possible.

      And let’s try to forget that horrific Ancient Greek Gods episode in TOS!

    • FeraligatrReturns

      Even disregarding wether or not Star Trek is “anti religion”, it is a science fiction show. Introducing pure supernatural elements would sort of change the whole genre.

      • I’d just like to put out that TOS had Bread and Circuses which ended with the suggest an alternative earth still living in a Roman Empire would bring down that tyranny with the spread of Christianity. Which is just one of several episodes in the series history when religious forces were depicted as good or at least ambiguous.

  2. This episode of DS9 is one that always stuck with me and would probably be somewhere in my top 10 favorites but I know that’s because I’m a sucker for character work and I thought the twist made the episode stronger though I’d never thought of it like a ghost story before.

  3. Imagine how awkward this episode would have been if any of the crew bothered to look up her name and ship in the computer right off.

    • FeraligatrReturns

      . . . The Olympian was on a 8 year mission remember? That’s why she didn’t know about the Dominion War. So even if they did look her and her ship up they wouldn’t have known she was already dead.

      • I never said anything about her knowing or not knowing about the war. Somebody in Starfleet would have reported the ship missing if they hadn’t heard from it in several years. Did she specify that their 8 year mission included radio silence?

        • FeraligatrReturns

          The fact that none of the Defiant crew found it suspicious that she didn’t know anything about the war means that the Olympian must have been out of contact range for it’s 8 year mission. Or to think of it another way, we know at least one crewman accidentally contacted the future, so who knows what other communication problems they were having.

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