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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide continues its march towards the finale. Ezri and Worf bicker, Sisko is having relationship issues thanks to the Prophets, and Dukat disguises himself as a Bajoran so he can hump Kai Wynn. The things that man will stoop to to get him some…

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    to add to what I said last time, what the writers were saying with “Waltz” was that all of Dukat’s redeeming qualities were lies, he never really cared about the Bajorins, even outright declaring he should have killed them all, he never really cared about Cardassia and he never really cared about his daughter. all lies. he only cared about power and murdering people. like how Hitler pretended to care about his family and animals.

    and Sisko’s line at the end could be interpreted as rejecting moral relativism and saying that yes, he IS the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. and as Space Jesus, he may have some level of omniscience and thus is able to do that.

    I think the problem is that most people can’t get there’s a difference between a character being morally complex and just complex in general.

  2. If you mean what I think you mean, then I argue it’s undermined because it was a bad idea to begin with. You really shouldn’t be invoking the absent black father stereotype.

    I’d rather just have the prophets be mistaken, because they still don’t understand time. And that Sisko does eventually go back, while still being sad about his time apart from them.

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    “Your knowledge of the land shall be great!” – Ultima 9. What’s a paladin?

  4. Every time I see a Breen I keep wondering whether George Lucas sued?

  5. Devil's Advocate

    and I got the impression that Winn really did want to be a good follower of the Prophets despite her power hungry nature. so she really isn’t one dimensional but Dukat is.

  6. This was a great show and I’m glad it ended on the sixth season.

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