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Opinionated DS9 Episode guide introduces the least qualified crew since the NX-01. Jake and Nog wind up being rescued by a Federation warship crewed entirely by cadets. Since this is not a cartoon, don’t expect that to end well.

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  1. Star Trek has NEVER gotten kids right. It’s like they always give child characters dialog that would only sound somewhat appropriate for children like 5 years younger than they’re supposed to be. 15-year-olds sound like 10-year-olds. 20-year-olds sound like 15-year-olds. One exception was Alexander (1) who somehow went from conception to 5-year-old in the space of 2 years. Damn, those Klingons grow up quick (I guess), even when they’re 1/4 human.

    • I’ve notice this myself, at first I thought it was just a cultural artifact of Star Trek being written in time period when the whole concept of a teenager was a new thing. But that doesn’t fully explain this issue in more recent Trek.

  2. How is it that I remember this episode and reviews for it, if it’s new? It’s too recent for it to be memories from actually watching the series. It’s weird.

  3. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    Farris was annoying but her behaviour kind of makes sense in context, she obviously thinks acting like a hard ass will make her seem more grown up and authoritative.

    I’d love to see what would happen if aliens ever make aboard this ship for some reason, they’d probably laugh in Farris’s face for acting like she does despite being barely 20

  4. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    if this was an anime this crew would be too old

  5. I kind of love this episode. It’s almost like a canon rebuttal to someone’s fanfic, showing that no, a ship run by cadets alone would be a disaster. You’ve got mini-Nechayev, a guy with delusions of Kirkhood, and a crew who haven’t even graduated… and from the look of it, weren’t even close.

    It’s also one of the few times when a kid-centric ST episode works, because it ties into how teens in that situation would probably think. They think they’re up to adult tasks because they’re “the best,” without realizing they are not even close. And they would probably channel the adolescent need to prove oneself and be independent into how they handle such things.

  6. Impressive curve ball, as I thought that the score would be lower giving how much SF Debris criticized Red Squad and children in sci-fi. But, I guess that was the point since being kids in that setting will not end well. Yet, ironically, this episode shows a good example of using children in sci-fi as we see further growth in Nog. He’s one of the few exceptions.

  7. It ended pretty much the way you’d expect it to end. Pride and ambition are not a substitute for wisdom and experience.

  8. To some degree this is what the new Trek film series is. A bunch of inexperienced cadets given too much responsibility ahead of their time.

  9. Gee, promoting a cadet straight to CO of a starship turns out to be a bad idea? Maybe someone should’ve passed that memo on to JJ.

  10. DS9: Not afraid to kill a bunch of kids to make a point. You’d never see this in a TNG episode…

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