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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide looks at the grand finale. The invasion of the Dominion is under way but the Founder is an extremely poor sport. What a surprise.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    the Pah-Wraths are basically Christian demons, what they get out of it is the joy of causing the suffering of every living thing in the universe just for it’s own sake.

    it might have made sense also to have Kira but this also makes sense is he is basically now basically the antichrist to Sisko’s Jesus. and how else would he solve this particular situation without violence?

    and if the Female Changeling wouldn’t stop for anyone else, why would she stop for Odo? what should have happened is they kill her and Odo tells the Dominion fleet to stop.

    • I would have had them have no choice but to kill her. Or the disease finally just destroys her as soon as they get there. And Odo just shapeshifts into her form to do that.

  2. “even if you’re the oppressor you’ll consider yourself the victim”
    Gee, I wonder what recently formed group of people do that.

  3. I thought the ending was very bittersweet too. But all at once I love DS9 more than any Trek series because all the characters and many of the stories were so strong and memorable.

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