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Opinionated DS9 Episode Guide follows the latest turn in the Dominion War. The Cardassians are revolting, so they ask Kira for help. And she agrees they are revolting.

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  1. The timeline of Odo being patient zero doesn’t fit with events.

    The only time Odo had contact with the link was when they punished him by making him solid. This is also when anyone learned that the changelings were the founders.

    Odo only had contact with the female changeling after the wormhole was either mined or closed. The link was already infected by this point.

    It all means that Odo was intentionally infected prior to having any reason to do so.

  2. “Next week, the temperature continues to rise.”

    Oh, please! Pleasepleaseplease!
    I am FREEZING! (Sorry, you just picked a really cold day to say that. From my point of view.)

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