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Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide sees Archer and Mayweather captured and shoved into a Suliban internment camp. No, a camp FOR Suliban prisoners. Yeah, that’s a twist all right

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  1. not saying some stuff that happened in our history wasn’t horrible but whenever you talk about an allegory like this, it comes of a bit hypocritical you praise the stand ins for the guys running the Japanese internment camps are portrayed as more then just one dimensional cackling cartoon villains but that’s exactly how you seem to paint people like FDR in these cases, as if they did bad things to non whites just for the sake of being eeevviiil!.

    how come everyone complains about fiction when it’s presenting a black and white situation but we pain everything in our history dealing with white people and non white people as ten times more black and white then any Disney movie?

    • All I have to say is that while the real life people in history could have been explained in a little more depth here, it is an exaggeration to say this video paints them as pure evil. He says the motivations for interment were similar to people in other countries and to the people created for this story and that the America examples simply draw more attention itself when the leaders who committed these acts proclaim how much they love freedom.

  2. About the whole FDR legacy and Archer’s moral inconsistency, I think what bugs me the most about Enterprise is the lack of honesty about his role in Starfleet history.
    Many pioneering figure of science, exploration, industry, literature, etc have said and done things that might have been widely supported in their times, but are now widely views as foolish, short-sighted, and even morally repugnant. Yet we still have monuments to them and their names are still on currency, lakes, mountains, schools, etc.

  3. I’m trying to join the on-going debates on whether certain honors should remain or be replaced or which ones should be replaced from what. My point is that understanding and learning from history means looking at ambiguities and considering the world in which others leaves who didn’t have our current hindsight. Even throughs who advocate certain individuals whose legacy included the subjugation of millions don’t usual argue we should forget them entirely.
    So I wouldn’t mind so much that Archer’s choices might seem objectionable (at best) when he’s supposedly paving the way for Kirk, Picard, and others to follow without the benefit of established rules and standards…if they actually have the balls to ADMIT that his choices are questionable. Instead of just acting like “He’s are hero…we’re laying the ground work for up a great legacy…it’s awesome…don’t question it!”
    It’s as if after the events of September 2001, all that reconstruction of Star Trek mythology on DS9 was thrown out the window in favor of assumed moral righteousness to reassure America’s rightful place in the world that only came open to question again by the time ENT: entered season 3.

  4. How is Archer “stereotyping” all suliban “white privilege” exactly?
    1) It’s got nothing to do with his own skin colour – Unless you’re saying that only white people can or do fall into the trap of stereotyping people?

    2) Using “privilege” in this context makes no sense whatsoever!

    3) It’s a STORY! Archer is a character not a real person, He’s written that way to show the message that this episode is MEANT to give!
    The message btw that stereotyping is WRONG!

    You say no-one has ever called you politically correct WELL HERE YOU GO – You are being Politically correct in this video!

    • He said no one ever accused me of being TOO politically correct. Not that he was opposed to any form of political correctness.

    • FeraligatrReturns

      Aren’t you the guy who called Chuck an SJW and said he was making “propaganda” for the incest jokes in the Voyager: Nemesis review?

      Maybe it’s time to take a break from the internet for a little bit, calm down, relax a little.

      • The comment couldn’t have been that craz–
        “In 1999 people were much much less likely to ascribe perversion to everything than they are today! Those “incestuous overtones” you’re going on about are you thinking by today’s SJW standards and ascribing something to the story that simply wasn’t there!”
        …Holy crap. And it just keeps going.

    • It’s almost like he is using a metaphor… or the writers of Enterprise were using a metaphor.

  5. I don’t think assuming someone in a prison dedicated for a specific type of group, is part of that group is racist or privileged.
    US has some track record with Guantanamo bay, but if you met somebody in there you would assume it is a terrorist, because of the nature of the prison.

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