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Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide returns! The Enterprise’s shore leave is cut short because they need to deliver a Vulcan diplomat to the Vulcans. Try not to be shocked that Archer is bitter.

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  1. Isn’t the Prime Directive limited to pre-warp civilization?

    Once you get warp aliens can meddle with you all they want!

  2. They never really explained why a warp 5 engine was so special. And why set the bar at warp 5? Why not warp 6 or warp 8?

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      I think the idea was supposed to be that the warp 5 engine was the first human warp drive to make manned, long-range space exploration practical.

    • Enterprise was the first Earth vessel that could go that fast.

      That is the only reason it keeps being brought up. Like how people were excited about the first nuclear aircraft carrier.

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