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Opinionated Enterprise Episode Guide looks at the soft reboot of the series, although what it really needed was a hard boot up the ass. Unknown aliens attack Earth as a prelude to destroying the planet, so Enterprise will try to save it. We’re so screwed.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    You know what this show needed? Some guy with a cigar and a calculator to tell Captain Archer what he needed to do.

  2. It’s a shame the first seasons of this show were so bad, because I missed out completely on the second half.

    I was the biggest TNG and DS9 fan, but after being mostly underwhelmed by Voyager, I was really quick to abandon Enterprise. Maybe I’ll try to pick it up from this episode.

  3. When I saw the title for a second I thought this video was comparing and Contrasting Star Trek with The Expanse, the syfy network series.

  4. The fact that this episode got a 7 really says something about the quality of the average Enterprise episode.

    This episode was so scatterbrained. They show earth being attacked in the teaser but the first scene in act 1 takes place on Qo’nos with the Klingons sending Duras to hunt Archer. What were they thinking?

    They introduce a tragedy of such a magnitude that deliberately evokes the 9/11 attacks and they didn’t devote the entire episode to it? The Klingon and Suliban stuff were completely unnecessary and takes so much away from the Xindi attack.

    • I think this review pretty much answers the question of what they were thinking. They had two dangling story arcs that didn’t seem to be going anywhere fast enough to fix the sinking ratings. The wanted to set up a longer on-going story arc for Season 3 and needed to either wrap up or address what had come before in hurry.

      Of course they’re had been some prior build up to the Xindi arc, that it wouldn’t have been necessary to cram so much into a single season finale. The larger problem is that not nearly enough was thought out in advance.

      • Seems it would have made more sense to tie up the loose ends and THEN finish off with the big WHAM moment. It’s not like they’d be losing viewers in the last episode of the season and a big mysterious attack on Earth in the final moments probably would have kept them and even brought a few back.

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