Star Trek (NES) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through Star Trek for the NES. Will they discover vast new worlds or get killed by worms in the grass?

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    I never played this game other than watching AVGN’s review of it years ago, but I’m not a Trek fan so I shouldn’t really judge.

    Ah screw it, this game looks as exciting as paint drying.

    Seeing the movie this weekend?

  2. I loved “The Cat from Outer Space” (I think I saw it in the cinema, so I’d have been 6ish). Loved the “high tech” effect of having his collar glowing when he talked – which actually would have fit in quite well in Star Trek (the original series)!

  3. Star Trek didn’t have good games until the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Some were distributed by Activision like Armada and Elite Force. DS9 did have a good game on SNES though.

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