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Opinionated Animated Series Episode Guide looks at the sequel to The Trouble with Tribbles. Cyrano Jones, the Klingons, and tribbles are back for more adventures, but now in delightful Barbie colors!

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  1. {Insert obligatory joke about Shatner’s toupee here}

  2. Wow, they couldn’t even put the door to the turbolift on right!

    • Hah, yeah I saw that too. Animation errors aside there’s poor direction choices all over, even if you’re not paying attention. I’m guessing they were doing TAS “on the cheap” and putting forth effort to make it look good just wasn’t in the budget.

      • Yeah. Right afterwards, there’s also a stock shot of Kirk talking that has the turbolift area empty, but then suddenly Jones reappears in the next shot. Cheap animation is one thing, but “never even looked at the shot” animation is another. Wow, Filmation was bad.

  3. For those who weren’t around for it, here’s his review of the sequel, Trials and Tribble-ations:

  4. I’m getting an error that says “Error loading skin: Cross domain denied” when trying to watch this video. This has never happened with any of your other videos before, though now that I go back and look at your “Trouble with Tribbles” video, it’s doing it now too. I was able to watch it with no trouble when it first came out.

    • Are you using Pale Moon? Or did you install an extension that blocks cross domain stuff?

      If not, I’m afraid you need to check for malware. This is exactly the type of error that can happen if malware gets tripped up by certain pages.

  5. I tend to simply listen to these as radio plays. My imagination is better than the animation. And I had all the Alan Foster Logs and saw them first run. And I always disliked the weird bridge crew.

  6. “He’s got ya there, captain!” lmao

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