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Opinionated Animated Series Episode Guide is part 3 of the 10th Anniversary. In this finale, the Enterprise winds up in a reality where everything is backwards. Not mirrored, thankfully, that would bring a whole new collection of problems.

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  1. So the flower has human level intelligence? Or if the flowers intelligence and beauty are equal… Is he calling them both stupid and ugly?

    Some math…
    Warp factor 36 is 46656 times the speed of light. For reference the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 Light years in diameter. I think that ship would have hit them before the scanner even picked it up let alone given Spock enough time to say that it was there.

    Speed doesn’t stop you from burning up if you run into a nova.
    That would depend on how long the objects are in contact, the heat difference between them, and the thermal conduction properties of their materials.

  2. No it wasn’t my imagination. This is two episodes in a row that ended with the speculation of using time travel to right a past mistake. And the next ST episode planned…Firstborn! Uncanny.

  3. So its like that one episode of ST:TOS but instead of growing older, they are growing younger.

    • That would be The Deadly Years. At least it wasn’t like that TNG episode Rascals where several crew members were aged back to beings kids for most of the runtime. Even on a saturday morning cartoon show that tends to get REALLY tiresome REALLY fast.

  4. So does that last bit mean you’re going to redo one of your reviews?

  5. ‘Flashing lights… would you know anything about that?’
    I’m very surprised you didn’t play an Airplane II clip just there!

  6. Alan Dean Foster, who did the novelization, didn’t seem impressed with this story concept either. This was one of the stories he expanded into novel-length. In the continued story, it’s revealed that the negative universe was an illusion. The guy behind it was pretty smug about how dumb they were for falling for something so obviously impossible.

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