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Opinionated Animated Series Episode Guide returns with another terrible Margaret Armen story. Sexy vampire women seduce the men of the Enterprise, so Scotty lounges on the bridge singing most of the episode.

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  1. I really liked Nichols’s delivery of that line. “Taking command of this ship” in the same tones of “sticking my face into a shredder” when that’s all that’s left to do.

  2. I like how it never occurred to them to ask any of the other ships to take them to another planet.

    Another case of the transporter being the greatest piece of medical equipment ever. Multiple times its been used to restore youth. It’s been used as the equivalent fo cryogenics/statis. It’s created fully functional duplicates of people. Yet, they continue to use it primarily as a ferry system.

  3. 6:04 = That is the best screenshot of Scotty being high as fuck, that I have ever seen.

  4. “This is the worse episode of She-Ra Princess of Power I’ve ever seen.” LOL

    What’s makes that even funnier to me is that even knowing both shows were produced by Filmation, I still find it hard not to see the surroundings of ever planet in TAS and wonder if Kirk will find Eternia!

  5. That planet sounds like a paradise to the current day feminists.
    But yeah, they didn’t even try to ask for actual help just went with the “let’s suck the life force out of every man!” plan.

  6. It always surprises me when someone else references John Norman.

  7. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Gee, Uhura, it’s too bad you don’t have some sort of hand-held scanning device that can locate things at a distance to find Kirk and company, instead of having to ask Theela and her covey of blonde bimbos to use the computer they apparently forgot they had earlier to locate them.

  8. “Only works on men”
    1) At least we know that certain signifier only affect a “typical” male/female in different ways. (The typical here normaly also manifests in your preferences, so shouldn’t Sulu be not affected?)
    2) Would make for a funny episode when the signals between the Species involved were flipped…
    3) It is obviously based on the legend of the Sirens. This is especially obvious by having “Lorelei” in the title. (Poem by Heinrich Heine)

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