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Opinionated Animated Episode Guide looks at The Pirates of Orion, featuring pirates from Orion who don’t want you to know they’re pirates or from Orion.

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  1. I take it you didn’t study linguistics as part of your English degree. I (pronounced eye) is a sound that only exists after the Great (and Unexplained) Vowel Shift ( I was classically pronounced E. The vowels were A (ah), E (a), I (e), O (o), and U (oo as in goo). Everyone else still pronounces them this way, and no one knows why English speakers changed (figuring that out would be a career-making discovery). The Great Vowel Shift is actually one of the reasons for the great diversity of accents in former British colonies, since different colonies were founded at different times during the shift.

  2. Just for the record, it’s Oh-ree-on in German too.

  3. Wait a minute! If they’re hired by their government, doesn’t that make them privateers rather than pirates?

    • I was going to bring up that. State sponsored piracy is actually fairly common in history and privateer was the word used. Kind of like how one side’s patriot can be the other side’s rebel. Captain Henry Morgan is a notable example.

  4. I also think they went with O Ree On because TOS series had established the typical O Ry In pronunciation for the green skinned slave traders, and their dancing girls, remember green Yvonne Craig?

  5. I’m pretty sure that, if you pronounce it that way, then it’s a chocolate cookie sandwich with vanilla cream in the middle.

  6. State sponsored piracy = privateers

    That actually has a long, long history in the real world

  7. OMG I’ve been waiting for “Justice” almost as much as the inevitable three week run of the TOS-TAS Harry Mudd episodes! I can’t wait to see you tear this one apart!

  8. If I dont remember wrong Shatner was pro that anti Engllish language they made up back in the day. He even made a film in that language.

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