Star Trek: The Next Generation #3 – AT4W

Back in the days when the Next Generation was really more of the New Coke of Star Trek.

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  1. First comment! I just can’t help but be reminded of Discord from MLP. They’re the same actor! It’s nice to be introduced to Q. He is a pretty popular character. I’m not a fan of the show, but do know about him.

    • Not to mention that Lauren Faust is a Star Trek fan and made Discord similar to Q intentionally.

      • Yup. Lauren based Discord on Q. The original plan was to get a VA to imitate DeLancie, but someone suggested they try the real deal, and they managed to make it happen. And since then, he’s become a legit fan of the series and kinda a cheerleader for it. And like Q, Discord’s been softened with time (though he still is the consumate trickster character and still likes to mess with the ponies in order to teach lessons even with him becoming their friend (oh, and of course for shits and giggles too!!)). Let’s just hope Dislestia never becomes a thing. I think we all know from Q and Janeway’s relationship exactly how that would go. It’s not good.

        Gotta love a good trickster character. A being that’s neither good nor bad, but does what they do because it’s a challenge. Because they know that every hero needs to have their status quo questioned and shaken up from time to time, and they find it greatly entertaining to do so. The ultimate “teacher as troll”. Hermes, Loki, Coyote…there’s just something so great about these kinds of charismatic d-bags. And Q might be near the top of that list.

  2. 1:30- Yeah, I’m sure people like Donald Trump are pissed off that the future of the human race depicted in Star Trek doesn’t use money. Fuckin’ asshole.

    Nice job on the Scrubs joke in captions.

    6:37- And in the words of Picard while I’m looking at this image of Q as a god -like being, “The universe is not so badly designed.”

    I also know episode star dates, and I also knew right away that this comic takes place during the 2nd season, and I also knew that Tasha Yar was killed during the 2nd half of the previous season. …We are SUCH nerds.

    I also don’t hate Wesley as much as everyone else. He seems like a smart kid who only wants to help.

    11:16- …Rape gangs…

    You give nice names for the gold shirts, Linkara.

    17:54- You don’t see this type of flailing on the actual show, mostly because the “ship-shaking” effect was done be shaking the camera, and the actors on set act like they’re in an earthquake.

    18:43- I was actually thinking of The Vision when Picard passes through Q, put nice choice on using that clip of Loki from The Avengers.

    It’s a good thing to know is that most of Star Trek comics nowadays have gotten better than this half-assed and cheap mess.

  3. MountCDOSgamer

    Is there going to be a Youtube upload of this episode soon? Whatever video player you’ve changed to this time seems to be the most unreliable one yet for me! I barely got into a second of the video when the image froze even though the audio was still playing, and there isn’t even an option to adjust the quality to make it play better like every other player that’s used on this site.

  4. Aw, I know this was a special episode but I still wish that you would do the usual theme song. Oh, well. First world problems.

  5. Does the movie count? Because in that case, they did it so they could retire the old Enterprise by blowing it up and replace it with a new one.

  6. An interesting thing about Troi—according to the original series Bible (and this seems to be borne out by writing from the early seasons), the “ship’s counselor” position wasn’t meant to be just “ship’s psychiatrist,” but something like “ship’s interpersonal advisor,” as well. Like an Ambassador crossed with a teambuilding retreat coach.

    Very 80s, New Age Woo-Woo type stuff, really. Although a more jaded eye might say it actually looks unsettlingly like a “Political Officer,” enforcing the Evolved Roddenberry Vision. Almost literally “Thought Police,” in Troi’s case. Or rather “Feelings Police,” also appropriately New Agey.

  7. To quote John Crichton: “Man, do I hate godlike aliens. Give me a critter over a godlike alien any day.” The only godlike aliens I actually like are the Prophets, because their mentality and understanding is so incomprehensibly different that they actually seem *alien*. All the others, like Q, Trelaine, etc. just come across as pretentious bullies. And Q’s reasoning really pisses me off. He doesn’t like us because we’re aggressive and expansive? As opposed to what, the Romulans? The Cardassians? Why are we the only ones he interferes with? He says at one point that we have the potential to be even better than the Q someday. Okay, so is he trying to hinder us or help us? If the former, he’s a jerk, bullying a bunch of helpless mortals because of something that MIGHT happen, instead of just wiping us out if he thinks we’re a genuine threat. If the latter, he’s still a jerk because he’s just yanking our chains and not doing anything actually helpful. SG1’s Asgard did the helping-without-interfering thing very well; you’re aggressive and paranoid but you have potential, so we’re not gonna give you all our stuff immediately. Instead, we’ll spoon-feed you the little stuff a bit at a time and let you derive the big stuff on your own, so that you grow into the kind of people who can use it wisely.

  8. 17:45 – The alien weapons caused confusion leading the crew to think they were in some sort of dance-off with the attacking ship.

  9. Nice Jojo posing there.

  10. Yeah that is some pretty ghastly artwork. Captain Picard is apparently built like a brick shit house.

  11. That opening was awesome!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    I like Q; the Next Generation crew were far to stuck up and full of themselves so it’s nice to have someone to add some humour

    5:23 did you ever notice the foam busts the guys wear for the first seasons? so beautiful 🙂
    6:53 only a truly confident man would admit that
    15:06 stand there and look pretty 🙂
    24:06 what do you think of the theory that Trelain is a Q?

    1:20 yeah I hated the smugness; especially when the writers would use it as an opertunity to pat the 20th centuary on the back by having everyone gush about the cultural aspects of the 20th centuary from Riker enjoying cooking without the replicator to Palaski talking about how awesome it is to work without then modern medical tools (which I’m sure is an approach that would be just awesome for the patient involved) to using terms like ‘in the 20th centuary, it was called Stockholm Syndrom’ as if they never developed a term after that, to almost all the entertainment, books, music, favorite foods, time periods punched into the holodeck, being all either from the 20th centuary or were popular in the 20th centuary like Motart and Mark Twain. Either has been culturally stagnant for the past 300 years or so or the entire ship is full of hipsters; bother options are likely. And lets not even get started on the PSA episodes when they’d preach about the evils of money, video games, war, traffic accidents (couln’t resist) and, the old time favorite, being a human is AWESOME!!! And all of these topics would involve at one point or another, Pichard grumbling out a supposedly deep speech
    It may seem like I hate this show but I honestly don’t: I watch it whenever it’s on as it’s more of a guilty pleasure, with some actually good episodes in their like Disaster. It’s just some things about it really cheese me off and can put me on a bit of a tangent.

    By the way, something weird I once noticed: in the Origional series, when the crew lost their inhibition, they did a variety of things like sword fighting and singing. But Next Generation, everyone’s after eachother. Have their been some sort of restrictions put into place in those 80 years?
    Furthermore, is it me, or is it kind of a bad idea to take civilians, children included, into dangerous, unknown space? Just wondering

    Great review: can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  12. TragicGuineaPig

    Another Reb Brown reference! I just got done watching Spoony’s last episode of Rebruary: Brown History Month.

  13. Damn, that title card kicks so much ass!!

  14. Couldn’t Picard trick Q into saying his name backward?

  15. TragicGuineaPig

    Also, Q’s WWIII uniform: he must have fought for Hyrule, because that emblem on his helmet is The Tri-Force!

  16. lolol
    I never expected a JoJo reference from Linkara

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