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Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide watches Data get himself a girlfriend while the ship is attacked by anomalies. This is a typical problem relationships have to deal with.

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  1. Data does remind me a lot of that old German band Kraftwerk.

    • I remember wanting to watch TNG back in the day, but because I was overseas when it first aired, I never got to watch all of it, until the show turned up on Netflix. And frankly, after watching the entire series, I feel really disappointed.

      I think sometimes the show was trying to be smarter than the writers were actually capable of pulling off. What’s more, the show really only works when the main plot is a very distinct danger the crew need to overcome; when the main plot is a romance, and the danger is relegated to the subplot, the show just isn’t that interesting. The idea of Data exploring romance isn’t itself a terrible idea, but there needed to be more at stake with it. Otherwise, it might as well just be an episode of The Wonder Years.

  2. You know, gruesome as it might sound, that bisected goldshirt actually…might have suffered a survivable injury. Considering the state of 24th century medicine that we’ve seen, that is.

    Not really THAT radical a repair job—and even better if they can recover the goldshirt’s lower half from the deck below. Aside from some loss in mobility from a spinal injury bypass, possibly some organ damage that could at worst be easily rectified with artificial organs, likely the need for a left arm prosthesis, and some loss in height, the end result might just be not only a perfectly manageable condition with comparatively little impact on the patient’s day to day life, but one that’s not even a career-ender.

    I tell ya…a contemporary trauma unit with access to half the medical gear we see on Trek? A *lot* more red or gold shirts might be goin’ back home. “Death is a Natural Part of Life” be damned.

    • well, they can even bring people back from clinical death but usually that seems to be a matter of getting them to sick bay before brain activity totally ceases.

    • I get the impression that, by the time they found this one, she was already too far gone.

    • I think the time needed to extract her from the deck and get her to sickbay might have been too long, if she’s already 95%+ dead. They don’t seem to be able to use transporters to take things apart very well.

      • Hey, people have survived hemicorporectomies today, even traumatic ones, and that’s WITHOUT the benefit of stasis chambers, off-the-shelf artificial organs, tissue regenerators, or ready access to cutting phasers.

        Heck, you’d be SURPRISED what you can pull off just with hemostats and a lot of ice! (That came out wrong)

  3. I love how TNG randomly throws us really dark imagery from time to time, floor lady being a prime example.

  4. Smarmy!Data in this episode seems to be one of the rare times in TNG that Brent Spiner got to play himself.

  5. Regarding Data’s ability to form relationships and have opinions, he said it himself a while back that his memory circuits become accustomed to certain stimuli and their absence creates a noticeable vacuum that registers as something he “misses.”

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