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Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide finds still more season 1 episodes, because the hurt never ends. To prove it I present a paradise planet where someone is stupidly sentenced to death. Your honor, the prosecution rests.

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  1. Did you not realize that this episode was, primarily, a cash in on the Singapore caning incident? It was attempting to show that justice is not an absolute. It’s basically the same thing as the Simpson’s episode in Australia when Bart’s supposed to get booted on the butt. I agree it’s stupid, but it was basically a parable or a fable.

    • The problem is that in the TNG episode, if they’d been doing their jobs the way they were supposed to, Wesley would never have beamed down to the planet. If the basis is so stupid, then there’s no way the point is ever going to come through

    • Did you not realize the Singapore caning incident of M.P. Fay happened 7 years after this episode aired?

  2. In the 90s, in my earliest teens, I was one of those mindless fanboys who loved just about anything Trek.

    Even then, I thought this episode sucked.

  3. This was actually one of my favorite episodes. As for all the laws the Enterprise crew break when they stop Wesley’s execution, I think you missed the whole point. They’re alien, they’re laws are different and have a tendency of being enforced by a literal higher entity. The episode both comments on the presumed knowledge of the law (otherwise put as: not knowing the law excuses no one) and the fact that the law on this world is absolute, there being only one punishment indifferent of transgression. Hell, if I recall the episode even the death punishment is supposed to be humane and similar to the chemical execution means used in the US.

    In fact, the only point I can agree with you on is that they shouldn’t be on the planet in the first place. But all this “and if Wesley dies” crap regarding the Prime Directive. You do know that technically, in absence of an extradition treaty most of us are subject to the laws of the countries we are in currently right? and by that I mean a US citizen in Israel for example is subject to the laws of Israel while on their soil( even if by his citizenship of the US he is also subject to the laws of the US at the same time). Just because they’re Federation citizens doesn’t mean they are somehow exempt for the laws of a sovereign world that is not part of the Federation, assuming there is no diplomatic agreement between the to sovereign entities that would grant them diplomatic immunity.

    As for the whole planet being populated by attractive blond people, look, this is star trek, how many one feature races are there in this show? Unless you have something against blond people or fit people I don’t get all the hate for this particular race.

    • In Wesley’s case extradition would only come into play if he had escaped to Enterprise before they could apprehend him. Even if there had been extradition, Enterprise could have refused, since stepping on some flowers isn’t a crime in the Federation.

      • You’re right, I was thinking of him as being part of a diplomatic mission, in which case he’d have to be released in the custody of the Federation and the planet would have to require his extradition for the crime of … well, falling on flowers. (I should have probably reread that and reworded it a bit)

  4. This stupid episode hurts so much. From what I can tell it was another case of attempting to modernize a TOS story for the new generation. Ones that top my head are The Apple, A taste of Armageddon and Wolf In The Fold. While all of those aren’t great episode, other the the middle one, they are still lightyears better then this one.

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