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Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide looks at yet another season one episode, and as always, the secret word for the day is ‘pain.’

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    edit, ignore this post. I don’t think I had my thoughts quite organized properly and came off contradictory and it was about a minor part of the review anyway. I’d just delete it if I could.

  2. “I will go get my heroin kit.” — LOL!

  3. 3:05 – I have a sudden urge to yell “COOOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAA!” at the top of my lungs in a high raspy voice.

  4. While I liked the review, I do have to say this one bit really annoyed me.

    >As if the root of our conflict wasn’t based upon oppression, authorianism, and institualized murder.

    That might possibly be one of the most inaccurate Americanized black and white views of the cold war I’ve ever heard. America was not some noble defender standing up against the evil Soviet Union. To be honest, i’m kind of appalled if you seriously think that’s true. I mean, considering how many horrible murderous dictatorships America supported during the cold war, I don’t think they cared less about what happened to people that weren’t American.

    I do agree with you that the cold war wasn’t just about economics. I almost wish it was, because in reality it was a struggle between two almost equally terrible imperialistic super powers that only cared about preserving and extending their influence. If it was actually about economics, then I imagine both sides would have had some actual principles.

    • Let me see here: how many US presidents have committed the same kinds and same levels of atrocities as Joseph Stalin? How many American presidents rounded up political dissidents and sent them to death camps? I’m having a hard time remembering any, even under George Bush. Until you can cite me any, I’m going to go with Russia being the worse of the two.

      • I said “ALMOST two equally terrible imperialistic super powers.” Obviously the Soviet Union was worse, at least America treated its own citizens reasonably well.

        But just because the soviet union was the bigger evil of the two. Doesn’t mean that the Usa wasn’t still a evil. Just ask Latin America, or Vietnam, or communists living in America.

  5. Kind of a lame episode, I agree. At least they put some effort into the alien designs, they went beyond the usual forehead of the week, as the saying goes.

  6. So how do rhey survive eating inorganic matter?

  7. You must someone that actually don’t go to much to internet and pass all day viewing corporate media. The establishment promoting the Russia hysteria isn’t left-wing, it centre-right. You of curse are throwing stones without really putting any context in it, funny thing is that the closet thing that you can call left in the U. S. is Sanders, but he is consider a moderate or even a centre-left politician in the rest of the world. Saying that the establishment corporate democrats are left is spreading dis-formation, they are nothing more than centre-right corrupted politicians.

  8. Of course we were swapped into a mirror universe, didn’t you grow up reading the BerenSTEIN bears, and not these extra-dimensional BerenSTAIN bears they expect us to accept?

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