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Opinionated Next Gen Episode Guide continues looking at Ro with The Next Phase. Ro and Geordi are seemingly killed during transport from a Romulan ship, but the two of them can’t seem to agree on that point.

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  1. So they used that same kind of special cloaking device as framing device than in one other episode. Only in this it was being tested by Romulans and it effected two members of Enterprise crew and one Romulan instead of ship.

  2. So have you given up on the anime reviews ? I was just thinking of gurren lagann and it occurred to me I haven’t seen a new review for that in a while .

    • no…. not at all. He is mostly a scifi reviewer anyways. Next review will be on robotech/macross. He splits his reviews between his plans and requests (which you can do on his site). Gurren Lagann was a request so its either in the queue or needs to be requested again.

  3. Can I request a review of Trials and Tribblations?

    • He’s already covered Trials &Tribble-ations. It’s not available right now because he is still converting old reviews from Blip to Vimeo. But it will be available for on-line viewing at some point.
      To view it when it is available or to make requests (which I think costs money) fo to . I doubt he reads requests made here.

    • thespecialneedsgroup

      He’s done it already. It hasn’t been re-uploaded to the new player, yet, but it should be back before too long.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good job I still haven’t watched back t the future but will definitely definitely will next week. Anyway it’s cool that they focused on two different characters it’s pretty interesting to see what would happen if they were dead together. Btw what is robot each well time for a google search!!!

  5. I first saw Back to the Future when I was like 7-8,, only 3 years after I remember seeing BttF2.

  6. The scene where Ro shoots Riker through the head (no harm done — it makes sense in context), I think, the only time any televised Star Trek made me laugh out loud. Yeah, the scuence has all kinds of holes (never mind falling through the floor, they shouldn’t feel air pressure or heat or see light), but it was worth it.

  7. Robotech gets pooped on a lot, hope you enjoy the Harmony Gold mash up.

  8. Ro is my favorite character from this show. I love any episode she is in.

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