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Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide is part 2 of the 10th anniversary. Kirk is charged with deliberately killing one of his underlings, even though the long list of accidental deaths should be all the proof anyone needs.

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  1. Why do you want female characters with male names? Burnham is a bad character, I just don’t see the logic why the completely out of the blue comment in a TOS episode.

    • I’m pretty sure that was just a humorous aside, and at most a reference to the controversy around Michael Burnham’s name. He’s already said he doesn’t care about the use of “Michael” for that character.

  2. That was stunning how you alluded to this episode in the last review at the end.

  3. The Matte process shot at about 0:55 in looks great for that era of television, even if it’s not going to convince us it’s real on prolonged examination.

    Still, I think CBS/Paramount redid some of the effects for later DVD releases, so it could be some of that?

    • This are remastered episodes, so what you are seeing is pure CGI.

      People tend to dislike it, but the fact stands that those ’60 effects were made for old ’60s CRT television sets, so the effects tend to look awful on HD screens (matte edges which were invisible then are now glaringly obvious). If anything, the new CGI paid as much respect to the old look as possible.

      • They didn’t really, though. They kinda cut corners. They did a better job with TNG, but TOS has rough parts, and the updated effects don’t blend as well, since they they mostly don’t update the backgrounds and such.

        I’m not saying they’re bad, but I say the definitive version of TOS is the old version, while the definitive version of TNG is the updated version. Kinda like how I say the definitive version of Super Mario Bros is the original NES version, but the definitive version of Super Mario Bros 3 is the SNES version. (And the GBA version for SMB2.)

  4. The courtroom drama was okay, and I liked Spock discovering the tampering with the computer banks because his chess program was corrupted. This has got to be one of the earliest cases of video evidence tampering in a story, too.

    Still the silliness does get in the way — Kirk’s ex-girlfriend being the prosecutor, and him going mano a mano with Finney (or at least their stunt doubles do). They can’t bring over a security team to take him out? They can’t beam Scotty back to crawl around in the Jefferies tubes?

    Cogley was a character, but he didn’t actually *do* anything other that give a few speeches. Spock is the one to find the critical missing evidence.

    In the original script Jaime was conspiring with her father, but she loses her nerve when she realizes that it’s more than just helping him escape. That’s why she suddenly urges Kirk to take the plea deal.

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