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Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide sees Kirk go up against a super-powerful killing machine. No not like the hundred other times or the Motion Picture, this time it thinks Kirk is its father, for variety in the mechanical mayhem.

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  1. They should have made Nomad into an attractive bald woman.

  2. Does anyone now why two previous SF debris Star Trek reviews in the last month haven’t been uploaded to this site?

  3. Not to mention several other videos he’s put out this month.

  4. Good thing the programming didn’t get scrambled the other way. Imagine the havoc it would have caused it’s purpose was to collect soil samples and attempt to communicate with them.

  5. I am curious about the similarities between TMP and this episode. It borders on plagiarism. Did they not notice? Did the writer of this episode object to TMP? Did they get permission from this episode’s writer to copy his story?

    • They probably thought they didn’t need to. Paramount owned the show, and the movie was their project. They probably just decided, “Why bother? They gave up their rights as soon as we gave them their paycheck.”

    • I think Nomad and V’ger are sufficiently different. Nomad was intended to be a perfect thinking machine. Voyager 6 was made self aware by an alien civilization. Nomad is tiny, V’ger is massive. Nomad’s programming was corrupted while V’ger was still following it’s intended purpose.

      Their similarities are more a result of how common it is for tools to suddenly “evolve”. Nomad, V’ger, those nanites Wesley Crusher was working on for a school project, Exocomps, to a lesser extent those robots from the Pralor/Cravic war as well as Dreadnought.

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