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Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide replicates some popcorn as Janeway’s decision catches up with her. That’s no spoiler, you have no idea which catastrophe I’m referring to, do you?

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  1. Video player still sucks major Sir Mix-A-Lot scale ass. I can’t even watch beyond the opening music before the player just stops and won’t play anymore. Seriously, dude, can’t you mirror these on YouTube or something so that I can actually watch them?

  2. There’s something from TNG that’s relevant here. A commanding officers first duty is to the ship (Thine Own Self).

    Naturally this conflicts with the first duty of every officer is to the truth (First Duty), and The Prime Directive as being the first consideration.

    Despite that it suggests even if Janeway had knowledge of the repercussions, her alliance with the Borg against 8472 would still have been justified by Starfleet standards.

    • plus, I just tend to ignore episodes like Time and Again. Janeway isn’t a hypocrite because in my headcanon, she never advocated letting a civilization die.

      and Species 8472 were Omnicidal Maniacs. “In the Flesh” completely retconned and contradicted everything about them. when they first showed up, they talked about “purging” the whole Milky Way.

    • Actually, their first duty is supposed to be to uphold the Prime Directive, even at the cost of ship and crew.

  3. also, how come you call out Janway for doing something horrible just to convenience herself and her crew but were on Ransom’s side in Equinox? what happened here was an accident but Ransom and his crew intentionally committed mass murder of beings that were fully sapient. meaning it was the exact same morally as murdering other humans.

    • I don’t know if Chuck was on “his side”, he was just felt he deserved more sympathy than Janeway showed.

      • the thing is, since we’re so used to seeing rubber forehead aliens, the only reason not that many people care about the Necleogenic Beings is because they weren’t humanoid or could talk. would Chuck have reacted the same way if the aliens being killed were portrayed by actual actors?

  4. “We’ve given you a lot Seven. It’s time you gave us something in return.” When I first heard line I also gave a big “WHAT!?”
    Aside from all the other thing you mentioned Seven did in her first season, she also single-handedly found a way to resurrect Neelix. Though I can see why you wouldn’t have considered this ‘helping’ the crew, unless it required sending him to a permeant relocation.

  5. I gotta wonder what was the point of making the message so super encrypted when all it said was “can’t help, sorry”.

  6. This could have been a great analysis of The Prime Directive. Typically, the PD is only applied at the planetary or star system level when it comes to socio-political conflicts. What’s the rule if you’re cruising through space you have no business being in from the getgo? Obviously, Voyager’s situations isn’t entirely their fault, although a strict application of the PD would have had them depart the quadrant in the pilot and leave the Ocampa to die. It’s actually the sort of violation, I could at least get behind, although it could be a slippery slope regarding getting involved.

    The same holds true with early DS9, and even TOS. Starfleet seems to have a policy that it’s OK to explore anywhere we want so long as we haven’t already encountered someone who claims that territory and we have a treaty with them. Note how the kept going through the wormhole AFTER learning that The Dominon pretty much claimed everything on that side. Since they hadn’t established a Neutral Zone, Starfleet felt it’s OK to keep sending ships through.

    Now Voyager is in a precarious position. They’re basically violating borders all the time and while sometimes we’ve seen them ask permission, they can’t ALWAYS know what race’s claim is valid. Outside of basic trading for survival purposes, they really shouldn’t be in contact with anyone as they have no legal authority from the Federation to negotiate anything. However, extreme circumstances probably mitigates some of that.

    However, part of the PD is that a captain will sacrifice her ship and crew rather than violate it. Getting involved in the Borg/8472 War could ONLY be defined as a violation. It’s not even a violation that could be defined as being for the greater good since either option sucked for the people of the Delta Quadrant. The ONLY gain to be had was for her trip home and that shouldn’t really be good enough reason to become involved according to the PD. Her FIRST duty, above that to her ship and crew, would have been to simply get the hell out of there and take the long way around even if it meant NEVER getting back to the Alpha Quadrant.

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