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Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide gives us another Torres episode, with another ship she needs to fix, and a play that needs fixing. Everything needs fixing around here.

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  1. Damn, haha, I thought this was that horrid episode where Jake comes across an alien pedophile/energy being from DS9 that tries to suck out his… creative… soul…. to feed on? Silly me, THAT one was called “THE Muse,” while this is called “Muse.” Nothing confusing about that.

    Still this was an interesting review. Nice to look back on one of Star Trek’s best writers, even if this isn’t completely the high to end on that we’d have liked.

    • Yeah that’s what I though too. I hadn’t seen The Muse or had any idea what it was about, but only it had that Kira and Dax had really in really strange outfits that looked like something from the middle ages! This I don’t even remember existing. Probably because the title it even less memorable.

      Still the premise here is kind of intriguing to old theater student like me. It’s funny to think someone’s last time writing for Voyager basically boiled down to answering the all the critics of the writing. It like he said, “Why don’t we take our characters out of the future setting with the limitless possibilities of sci-fi and the burden of what to do with continuity in an on-going franchise…and hand them to ancient writers where media is still at it’s barebones. Than let’s see if they can do any better!”

      They should try that in fan videos more often. It might be easy to get past the corporate flagging.

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