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Opinionated Voyager Episode Guide watches Chakotay turn into a commando for the tribe of the goofy-speakers, fighting against the Predator of course.

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  1. The universal translator thing is pretty simple. They are intentionally using jargon, and the translator is translating it as best as it can to sound like jargon.

    (Well, unless they actually tailored the simulation to the species, which they kinda did.)

  2. I feel like I’m missing something here. Because I genuinely DIDN’T see the plot twist coming and still can’t see how they spoiled it. Maybe it’s because they so rarely mention the two species by name they I wouldn’t have recognized which is one supposedly THE NEMESIS.

    Except even in the supposed ‘spoiler’ scene Neelix doesn’t mention any particular species, just savage ‘aggressors’ On a planet seems so lacking in any dominate civilization that either side could see the others as the aggressor. Heck I was amazed that anyone even had the title of ambassador because that suggests a Government in a world appearing limited to primitive humanoids and beastly predators.

  3. These types of Warrior cultures with rigid, ritualized, language structures are a guilty pleasure of mine.

    I know…it’s trite and hackneyed most times.

    Now…while I don’t recommend dreaming of your sister and mother, I give these kinds of episodes a pass because it’s not their alien-ness that makes it work. it’s the ritualized military culture putting what we consider our more enlightened and well rounded (Even Chakotay!) protagonist in the midst of people who think very differently.

  4. Your criticisms of the way characters were written on this show is always spot on. They didn’t know what to do with Tom Paris, so they made him pick up everyone’s slack.

    Harry is useless, B’elanna is useless, Neelix is beyond useless, Tuvak is uber vulcan…and Janeway is insane.

    Who is left to do non-Vulcan stuff until 7 of 9 shows up and assumes full Mary Sue status?
    Tom Paris, of course!

  5. “Dream of your mothers and sisters”?

    I know its suppose to be like “Think of home and your families and loved one” because I guess its implied most of the men left their villages to fight the Nemesis while the women and children stayed back to govern the village themselves, but yeah, the way that guy says it still makes it a bit creepy.

    • Try to stop ascribing sexual perversion when it’s not there – The English language has many words and terms with multiple meanings and definitions.
      It’s not “creepy” at all except in your own perverse mind!

  6. In 1999 people were much much less likely to ascribe perversion to everything than they are today!

    Those “incestuous overtones” you’re going on about are you thinking by today’s SJW standards and ascribing something to the story that simply wasn’t there!

    The comments about dreaming of family were NOT Sexual!

    I realise you’re trying to be comedic but it’s coming across as propaganda and negative reinforcement by association!

    It’s possible you don’t realise what you’re doing – I hope I’m right because I really do enjoy your style otherwise.

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