Star Trek: Voyager #1 – AT4W

A comic based on the series that truly reflected our world… in that sometimes long trips are really dull.

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  1. First comment! Have I ever said that before? Another first! I haven’t seen SF Debris’ voice before. Well, if I did, I just didn’t remember. It’s weird how there was never a movie based on this show.

  2. SF Debris doing comedy Janeway made this even better.

  3. You forgot to mention that along with constantly pressing the reset button, and despite taking risks to cross dangerous regions of space just because it’s quicker than going around, they thought nothing of backtracking to places that they spent months to get away from.

    Just how does the holodeck work? Half the time they point out that it’s only as large as the walls of the room. Other times they have people spread out wide enough to take up an entire deck of the ship like they seem to be in this comic.

  4. The worst in my opinion: the so-called “Year of Hell”. It was foreshadowed as some sort of terrible war with some alien species that used time travel to annihilate their enemies. It looked like something that, if allowed to follow its course, could have been a grand saga, maybe spanning an entire season. Instead, it was like two episodes, and when it was done, RESET! No one even remembered what happened. SUUUUUCCCCCKKK!

  5. I haven’t watched much of Voyager, but I’ve seen enough episodes and clips to understand the series’ story and plot(s). I even give props for the show having a female captain, especially for this day and age. (Oh, and actually remember seeing the Amelia Earhart episode.) I agree that Voyager isn’t on par with TNG and DS9, but it’s better than the Lost in Space movie.

    1:50- At least we get to know a bit more about The Borg in this series, and they’ve used the updated Borg costumes which were firs used in Star trek: First Contact. Even the Borg Queen makes her first television appearance on this show.

    In speaking of Voyagers reset button, I found this video some weeks ago:

    I also like the Phase II design of the ship that will appear in Star Trek Discovery.

    13:00- Just be thankful that they didn’t recreate Janeway’s fiancé in this holodeck program.

    14:55- In the words of The Nostalgia Critic in his Star Trek Generations episode, “ALL HANDS, BRACE FOR BOOMITY-BOOMITY!”

    Ha, I was also thinking of Quantum Leap in the end of this comic. I can also already say that this isn’t as bad as the Elite Force comic you reviewed 6 years ago.

  6. The dynamic relationship between Seven of Nine and The Hologram Doctor was probably the only thing I liked about watching Voyager, everything else on that show was just forgettable.

  7. Devil's Advocate

    I tend to just ignore the stupider bits of Voyager and the more immoral things Janeway does. I could invoke what TV Tropes calls broad strokes but haven’t really given any thought to what my headcanon of what happened in those episodes would be.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Nobody thinks you’re cool or clever or in-the-know because you pepper your speech with TV Tropes terminology. It’s the equivalent of people saying “Hashtag something” in everyday conversations: very punchable. And nobody gives a candy-coated crap about your head-canon. Geez, you’re pretentious.

  8. SF Debris bringing over his psycho Janeway made an already great review even better.

    Linkara you and Chuck should have more crossovers.

  9. While it would have been nice to see it in Star Trek, the new Battlestar Galactica at least managed to capture the sense of being on a long, desperate voyage with limited supplies and the ship breaking down gradually. No reset button there.

  10. I was expecting a Star Trek Beyond reference for some reason.

  11. lol cameo voice…You’ll show your face eventually SF Debris, Critic caught CR so it’s only a matter of time before someone gets you too.

    I think I know what the Talaxians were planning, they were a conquered people whose homeworld was occupied (kind of like the Bejorans and Cardassians now that I think about it…) so this group was using the transporters as a one shot time machine to send themselves into the past and undo their defeat, right?

  12. “foundered in the ion storm”
    “disparate crew”

    Were those spelling mistakes? In the context of each line, shouldn’t it be “floundered” (as in to flop around uselessly, since they were unable to get away from the storm) and “desperate”?

  13. And I say
    Bounce the graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish
    That’s the way we do things, lad, we’re making shit up as we wish
    Klingons and Romulans, they pose no threat to us
    ‘Cause if we find we’re in a bind,
    We just make some shit up!

  14. I knew something bothered me when you said Kess was an elf and I just realized what, if she’s an elf WTF are Vulcans and romulans? It’s moments like this that make me hate Tolkien. There were elves before him and they were the same kin as the gods, and now? look at them, mortals in the Elder scrolls, fallen and unredeemable in Dragon age, decadent and depraved in Warhamer 40,000, weird and magic addicted in Warcraft. Damn Tolkien imitator.

  15. I liked Seven Of Nine … and the dimension made out of fluid ( species 8472 ) was pretty cool I guess.
    The ending of Voyager was so … so … random, it made no sense and ruined the entire show !

  16. Captain Kathryn Janeway, the most effective and devious villain in the Star Trek franchise.

    I never really minded the look of Voyager. It’s not the best design they’ve had but it was alright. I’d take the Intrepid class any day over that hideous thing they are calling Discovery. Left over Titan concept art or not, the thing looks awful. Like someone glued some fuel pods and a flying saucer to an XB-70 bomber.

    You and SFDebris should do more crossovers.

  17. On the positives, you left out how good Voyager’s intro music is. It’s gorgeous!

  18. Tell it brother!!
    I love your description of Voyager as that’s my opinions exactly!

    The show is obscenly preachy, smug and perfunctory (so glad I get to use this word; thanks FB 🙂 ) with characters who have nothing to do (I don’t like the Doctor; he’s really aggrivating), a captain who is really self obsorbed, aliens that are dull alegories and the only problems these guys have to face in uncharted terretory on a day by day basis is no replicator occasionally and a holodeck that may not work one day; the show is basically ‘First World Problems in Space’
    Sorry for moaning as I like some episodes and some characters, like Kes, Neelix, Tom, Harry, Belana and 7 of 9, are likeable, but this show is, as you said, frusterating; this premise would have worked with the design of Firefly which could have been interesting as it would be quite a striking departure from other shows.
    But no, just smugness and laziness. Grrrrrrr!! Calm, I’m calm

    I was thinking about him the moment I saw Janeway; so glad he’s there 🙂 Awesome!!

    Yes!! Awesome; they already had an A-Team memeber from Star Trek

    You watch Red Dwarf too huh? Don’t give them ideas, they’ll do it as they’re obsessed with the erotic subjects in later Star Trek; I suspect Star Fleet put more strict regulations since Kirk’s day. Think about it; In the Naked Now, the crew are singing, dueling, philosophizing and doing a variety of things. In the Naked Time; everyone’s after eachother and being dirty. That and how serious swearing is taken in the later stuff, makes you think some serious regulations were put down at some point.
    Great review!! And Happy Star Trek Anniversary!!! Live Long and Prosper!! 🙂 Always wanted to say that to someone and have it be applicable!! 🙂

  19. I think you can say this issue pretty much captured Voyager in a nutshell. I think your opinions of the show are pretty much in line with the masses.

    They probably should have kept Seska around and not bother with the “reveal” about her. It was nice to have one Maquis who didn’t act like a Starfleet officer.

    The weird part is despite the apparent ease of replacement parts, they kept around elements that were created as “energy saving” elements. That’s what Neelix cooking and the shared holodeck environments were about. They played lip service early on to “replicator rations”. I never quite got the idea that Paris was some great holodeck programmer, when we’ve seen that Starfleet ship computers seem to have access to seemingly every historical and fictional environment and all you have to do is ask for what you want.

    As for UPN, it actually merged with the WB to form CW. By that point, CBS had bought out Paramount, so the C is for CBS and W for Warner Brothers. Both networks launched around the same time, but most towns didn’t have enough independent stations to support both, so unless you were near a major city or were on a cable system that carried another city’s station, you got one or the other. WB probably had the more popular shows, like Buffy and Dawson’s Creek.

  20. Wow, Linkara with SF Debris, PERFECT!

  21. SF DEBRIS is like the funniest guy on the internet considering scifi

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