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Opinionated Star Trek Episode Guide looks at the story of the time Kirk met one of the great military minds of Starfleet after he had gone mad. Well, one of the times, anyway.

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  1. I’ve always had a thing for the green lady in this episode.

    Also, nice not so subtle reference to the plot of Star Trek Beyond.

  2. The chess code, like the subcutaneous transponder, is one of those things they introduce in a single episode when it should be something that they do all the time. Even an offhand comment about it being SOP for going to a penal colony to prevent possible escape/hostage situations would have sufficed. It’s also annoying as a very rare security precaution in the very lax Starfleet.

    I wonder if Garth went insane from his injuries or if whatever method the aliens used to give him the ability to heal himself also messed with his brain chemistry.,

    Despite what people say, this is actually the only time Kirk ever bedded a green skinned space babe.

    • The scary thing is Starfleet security policies and procedures only got worse over the years. I mean by Picards era? Bah! We don’t need no steenking passcodes! Heck I think Voyager was breached by the chef’s cooking a few times.

  3. I wonder if Garth going insane is the event the new Star Trek series will be about.

  4. we did have more Batman show moments in this review 🙂

  5. This seems like something that should have come up in DS9. Changing appearance, delusions of grandeur, desire to build an empire.

  6. Great review. I laughed at all the 60’s Batman references.

  7. To be serious, Hayden does deserve an award for SOME of the scenes he done.

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