Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Angry Trailer Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe react and analyze the Battlefront II Trailer! Can DICE & EA make up for the first game? Its looking encouraging so far! A lot of our negatives have been addressed!

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  1. Oh! One of my best friends loves the first Battlefront. I’ll have to tell him about this (if he doesn’t already know about it). Although, the fact that they have Darth Maul does give me some interest in this.

  2. Cursedbythedicegods

    Single player campaigns, split screen feature, and class selection for battle? Wow, has the bar really been set so low? It’s almost as if people forget that these were features on the VERY FIRST BATTLEFRONT for Xbox and PS2 over ten years ago!

    Battle across all eras? If there is more than one mission per era I will be highly surprised.

    Starfighter battles? You mean like the ones in the 2nd Battlefront, again for Xbox and PS2? Again, stop rewarding EA for doing what they should have been doing all along.

    Seeing Other Joe go all drooling fanboy for Maul is exactly​ why EA will not change. You’re gonna shell out full price for an incomplete, buggy game that just happens to look nice because it has Darth Maul in it? Really? Be prepared to shell out even more in micro transactions for features that should have been put in the regular game. How do I know that? Because it’s EA, and like the scorpion in the fable, it is their nature. Just like it is the nature of way too many gamers that have been duped by EA before to continue to never learn, because maybe it’ll be different this time.

    Joes, you are giving this far too much credit. You were hyped for the last Battlefront and it let you and everyone else down while EA laughed all the way to the bank. Do you really expect this time to get any different? Do I really need to go full Ackbar here??

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