Star Wars Battlefront – Angry Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe and the Rebel Alliance work to recover whats left of Battlefront from the forces of the Imperial EA! How does this game live up to its license & franchise?

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  1. Once again, in an era of hype, Joe comes and tells the truth. In b4 still game of the year and Witcher 3 gets nothing. Because game industry 2015.

  2. Joe and FOOOUUUURRRRR seem to have a history. XD

    Great review Joe. I’ve never been interested in the Battlefront series and I’m definitely not going to start here. Give me another SNES style Super Star Wars anyday.

    Really excited for your Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/DBZ project! My dream franchises all battling together!

  3. I had quite a bit of hope for this game, especially compared to other shooters on the market. Yet, Battlefront does lack compared to its previous titles, especially with the lack of Galactic Conquest, space battles and Rise of the 501st. Although with the flaws Battlefront has, I still find it better than other shooters out there and has my Destiny collecting dust. The game still needs work, yes, but I do not hate it and is still fun to play.

    I really do miss the old modes from the older titles most, but I have no issue with multiplayer in general.

  4. As a huge Battlefront II fan this pisses me off, but I pretty much instantly knew this would happen with EA at the head.

  5. Agusti Guerola Garcia … Images speak louder than words

  6. The thing with the season pass and the DLC, that’s all utter bullshit.

    That being said, the game is average. Serviceable at best. I hate online multiplayer. Every time I play, I’m just an utter n00b. The humiliation and the realization that my gaming skills are lackluster really turned me off the multiplayer experience. But this game got me liking multiplayer. I don’t if it’s because it eats, drinks, sleeps, lives, and breaths Star Wars (visually of course) but I don’t mind my constant dying and low rankings.

    Also, a lot of reviews said, “oh you’re only going to play Walker Assault. Walker Assault is the only mode worth playing.” I didn’t find that true. I spend most of my time playing Fighter Squadron (once you get used to the awkward, clunky flight controls, it’s actually really fun) and Heroes vs. Villains.

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    It’s too bad this game is not as good as ea was making it out to be(but with them at the head I probably knew this was coming. As soon as I saw Chris stuckmanns review I knew you’d give tha a bad rating but a 5/10 ain’t too bad(but it’s it good either). With that mystery project though,I knew it was gonna be mortal kombat and street fighter but didn’t know dragon ball z was gonna be in the mix(which gives me more of a reason to watch the show)!!!

  8. Yep. Pretty much what I expected; something playable, but nothing more. A cash-grab.

    Seriously, I actually bought a new PS2 recently because my old one died and I still wanted to play a few of the old games, the main one being Battlefront 2, and to see what EA has done to one of my favourite games makes me sad.

  9. Thank God, Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame is making a Star Wars game.

  10. Don’t EVER buy EA. They ruin everything they touch. Just don’t fucking do it, period. Anyone who still buys from them pretty much deserves to get ripped off at this point, though I’m sure Joe doesn’t have much choice, being a reviewer and all.

    • The sad truth is EA wasn’t always like this. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Return of the King games for the PS2 were some of the best movie-based games I ever played. And Battle For Middle-Earth on the PC. But the mighty have fallen.

  11. These “game” sucks ass. EA is the greediest shittiest game company you can think of… They are pushing the shitty obvious cash-grab ass-fucking consumer to a point where it’s almost self parody… And people are buying it!
    “CLAP CLAP EA, we want to give you our money!!! What’s that? Battlefront 2 is a 10 minute demo? And you want a 120 euros season pass to unlock a 1 hour mission and 2 online modes?? Hurray!!!”

  12. Yeah, this game looks like Call of Duty with Star Wars-themed wrapping paper. I had a feeling that you would give this a five.

  13. I agree with the flaws you point out, but boy do I love this game. Let’s hope they will listen to your feedback and make this game an even more incredible experience.

  14. “They fucked it up!”

    And you’re surprised by this . . . coming from Electronic Arts? Nooo! Surely not.

  15. Guns feel the same? That’s crap. In the other ones every class did feel individual.

  16. How could they fuck up Star Wars games is beyond me.

  17. Oh great Star Wars BattleFront is a Call of Duty clone and worse, also really expensive and buying more mods making extra expensive, that’s pretty bad since the new movie is coming out in only two weeks, that’s just bad buisness practices in gameplay and costs for Electronic Arts, also time limited Single Player that’s very easy, I guess that is an atrocity for any game players committed by the developers and designers.

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