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Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars: Battlefront for the PS4.

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  1. It should be obvious that this game is cash grabbing whore and until it would be in reasonable price and complete state I simply don’t buy it. There are better games then that.

  2. Fuck this shite! I haven’t paid a cent for DLCs until now, and I sure as hell won’t start for this!

  3. Most of the criticism of EA’s DLC policies is spot on. The single player campaign isn’t really a campaign. It’s just training for online multiplayer, which is disappointing. The MP itself is actually pretty good though. The spawn points are sometimes stupid but most everything else is solid. I don’t like that experienced players have access to weapons that are straight improvements to basic weapons though.

    • The flight controls are terrible, most of the vehicles feel like an after thought, maps have terrible flow with atrocious spawn points and the game effectively has a single gun with four slight variations. Gunplay is reduced to CoD-esque bullet hoses, there is no integrated voip, and instead of proper squads you have the terrible partner system. To top it off it has all the depth of a mobile game.

      But I mean.. it looks and sounds pretty.. That makes it solid.. right?

  4. Poor Chris, just now realizing what gaming in the “8th gen” is starting to mean.

    Unfortunately these tactics seem to be working well for the mega-publishers like EA, because the game you mentioned Super Smash, as well as many other single player focused titles…struggle on a console that mainstream gamers of this generation largely ignore.

    Also, the reason so many games like this are multiplayer focused with pitifually short single player, is to create a sense of urgency to play it NOW on release through when the “Season pass” paid DLC content releases. That’s so you don’t wait for it to go on sale or pick it off the used game shelf. By then the hype is gone, the community has moved on to the next big $60 + $30-60 DLC game, and whatever bugs are left aren’t getting patched.

  5. So, EA’s DLC policies are utter crap! But what about the game itself? Well, I never liked multiplayer games. I tired it a couple times. I died…a lot, more than any person should. I was a total n00b and I hated feeling constantly humiliated, so it really turned me off the multiplayer experience. So, my review of this game is as an outsider looking in.

    Given everything I heard about Battlefront and everything DICE and EA were doing, I was incredibly nervous! But, me being a Star Wars nerd, I still gave it a shot. The game itself (if you look past all the crap about the DLC and stuff) is serviceable. It actually managed to exceed my expectations (granted, my expectations were incredibly low). Visually, the game is fucking GORGEOUS! and lives and breathes Star Wars. The gameplay is very “eh,” but I expect it’s that way with most shooters. … More importantly, this game got me to, for the first time in my life, enjoy the multiplayer experience.

    Given early reviews of the E3 demo and the beta, everyone (at least everyone I read) said “oh, you’re only going to play Walker Assault. It’s the only thing worth playing.” For me, that’s actually not true. I’ve only played it twice. Actually, I enjoy Fighter Squadron and Heroes vs. Villains infinitely more.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow EA again crapping a ton of bricks over your childhood and wanting more money even though the games not even complete yet and from now on instead of calling EA electronic arts lets call them electronic a-hole cash grabbers. Man it sucks that this game isn’t as good and it’s one of the most anticipated games of the year and 45 minutes of player single time man I’m thinking angry joe is going to have a field day with this one and he’ll probably tear EA a new one. At least the movie will be better(probably)!!

    • As far as the movies go…be very afraid. Disney isn’t doing an advanced screening for Critics.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Wow guess they want the critics to be just surprised as the fans(and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing or how the movie will turn out but I’m hoping it’ll get good reviews).

        • I’ve made it a rule not to see movies on opening nights if they haven’t been advanced screened for critics. Not even because I necessarily want to read a lot of opinions first, but because I think it’s there’s crappy trend of keeping the press (in whatever form) out of the process.

      • Sigh. This is *not* true. They aren’t doing a screening for critic groups in time to qualify for the annual awards given by various outlets. They chose not to to avoid story leaks, there *will* be a critics pre-screening for purposes of review just a few days past the cut off for award consideration.

  7. Agusti Guerola Garcia

    This fucking review…. godamn spot on sir ! Would you’ve need of a hammer to continue the bashing ?

  8. How dare they take the Star Wars franchise and just Call-of-Duty it. AND a mediocre ripoff at that… -_-

  9. You should try out Star Wars: Republic Commandos. It’s a great Star Wars FPS.

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