Star Wars Demolition – Yomarz

Yomarz plays a Star Wars Game! Which Star Wars game? One that you’ve probably never heard of! The only force awakening here is the force of my fist through your face. Watch Yomarz climb out of the Sarlaac pit that is Star Wars Demolition.

About Yomarz

Hi I'm Yomarz! I really like video games! I also really like making videos about video games! So I decided to make a video channel to host my videos about video games. I make reviews and other gaming-related videos so if you're into that then check me out! The videos, I mean. Not me. Well... me if you want.


  1. Welcome back Yomarz!

    Great video to make your return with. I personally never played this game, but I do love the Twisted Metal series so if this ever appeared on the PSN store for a dollar, I’d be glad to pick it up.

  2. Why do I feel like the Star Wars games that got a bad rap were actually kind of fun and underrated. Episode I: Jedi Power Battles was another one.

  3. I think Yomarz needs a vocal version of his theme song!

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Great video and nice to see that u made it out of the sarlac pit alive and well. I also like that you used state wars battlefront from ea as a backdrop to this video seeing that everyone hated and was dissapointed in that game. Also would like to know what you thought of the force awakens and I’m also waiting for your episode 3 of Jurassic park the game to come out?

  5. Shadows of the Empire was my Star Wars game, back when I was a little brat. Oh, the polygonal memories. XD

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