Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Disneycember

It’s one of the most hated prequels of all time! Is it worth all the hate? Well, yeah mostly. Doug takes a look at The Phantom Menace.

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  1. And you don’t want to see Emperor Palpatine with no clothes….. 🙂

    • “If you’re one of those people who claims it ruined their childhood either didn’t have one or are gripping to hard to it and not living their adult life”

      wow.Doug is a cunt.

      and the second part doesn’t make sense,if they associate Star Wars with childhood doesn’t that imply they liked it as a kid and not really as an adult.

      I don’t know what the answer is,but I know it’s become a shit CA fixture to disagree with mass amounts of people and thinking you’re cool for it afterwards.

  2. As much as I hate to defend this movie, elective monarchies are actually a thing and have existed in our real world history. Although, in real life, elected monarchs tended to serve for life, not for a limited term. They also preferred not to elect 14-year-olds as their rulers.

    • In addition to that, child monarchs have definitely been a thing as well, although not elected ones, as you said.

      • Poland had elected monachs since 1573 till 1795.

      • Yeah, I think the problem is that they tried to combine too many “unusual” concepts into one leader role. I’m pretty sure they took inspiration from those real world examples, but they don’t make a whole lot of sense when juxtaposed. If it’s elective, people want an adult who might enough experience to make good choices, but if it’s hierarchy, then it makes sense to have a child, who would most likely be a figurehead, even though it’s possible for them to have a stronger presence and make an actual difference. An elected child just doesn’t make sense, whether it’s a president, a queen, or an empress, unless something about the society makes it work. Perhaps everyone matures faster or dies younger. Maybe they’re the pawn of a specific political group or some other power behind the throne; some kind of intrigue. Ya know, world building! But since none of that was the objective in the story, it’s instead used as a pointless way to keep Padame from being too old for Anakin while attempting to make her look more relevant/awesome/intelligent/whatever than the typical adolescent girl. 😛

  3. So if this was the most hated of the Star Wars movies… how is it that it had a 3D re-release? And did ANYONE go see it?

    • They meant to do all of them as 3D re-releases, but the project got cancelled after this one. I’m not sure if it was low box office or what that did it. The next one was supposed to be around when Disney bought Star Wars, and they cancelled them claiming it would distract from the upcoming movie. I personally thought it would have built hype but whatever. I did see the re-release because while I recognize the movie is bad in a lot of ways, I still enjoy watching it from time to time, and I had never actually seen a Star Wars movie in a theater before. The originals were before my time, as a kid my family didn’t really go out to movies often and so i didn’t really see the value of it versus watching a movie on tape, so I had no reason to see the special edition in 97, same went for episode 1 since, while I was hyped for it, I was 7, it wasn’t like I would be exposed to or cared about spoilers so I was happy waiting for the tape. Then episode 2 was the one I thought would be bad so I didn’t really care enough. I was more into Nintendo, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh around that time anyway. Episode 3 I wanted badly to go but again, my family isn’t big on movies in theaters and I was the only one who wanted to, meanwhile I didn’t do much with my friends outside of school, and I was 13 so I couldn’t drive myself. So I was actually really into the re-releases because I wanted to see all of my favorite series in a theater. But I hope someday I still can.

    • I went to see it, my sister’s boyfriend is SUPER into Star Wars and convinced me my sister and some of his friends to go with him. He was wearing a Darth Vader costume and carrying a lightsaber and after the movie he bought everyone a round of drinks, it was fun

  4. Meh. The film wasn’t great but is still perfectly watchable. It initially got overhyped and then everyone overreacted by declaring it the worst thing ever. The characters are bland, but not nearly as insufferable as people make them out to be, and the battles, especially the Maul fight, really are worth sitting through the acting. And as you admitted, even as overused as the CGI is, its still very pretty and was the variety the original trilogy desperately needed.

  5. This is the most hated? Really? Call me crazy but…I honestly didn’t think it was that bad. *sees several lightsabers pointed at me* JUST HEAR ME OUT! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do understand why it’s disliked by so many. The writing, upon retrospect, IS cliched and sometimes rather immature. But, in terms of world building, while I do see people seeing it as needlessly complicated, I personally could actually follow it okay. And keep in mind that I usually am TERRIBLE at politics. Do I think some parts don’t make sense? Oh, yeah. Is the writing so wooden that it makes Pinnochio look real by comparison? Naturally, though there are exceptions.

    However there is one good thing that did indeed came out of this prequel trilogy, though admittedly it came out as inspiration from Episode 2: The Clone Wars. Be it the CG or 2D animated cartoons, these made up for the bad acting in the movies in spades! And it’s probably why these prequels, while bad, are still looked at.

    • As for Doug’s line about “most hated”, remember that he qualified it as “most hated prequel“. Prequels are relatively few and far between as it is, so categorizing Episode 1 and the most hated prequel of all time is pretty reasonable.

  6. I was 9 years old when this movie came out and I remember all the hype behind it. TV spots, comics, news reports, it was out of control.

    This is why I’m worried about The Force Awakens, it has the same level of hype, and if people hate it, it will result in another hype backlash. And it will only demonstrate that we haven’t learned anything from the prequel trilogy.

    So I’m hoping that that this new film does justify the current hype.

    • I’m an American, but I’m currently studying in Belgium (where today was opening day for episode VII). I watched it and thought it was AMAZING. That said, I walked out out of the theater about an hour ago, so I might just still be a bit starstruck from visiting the world I grew up with but haven’t seen on the big screen since episode III.

      But, what is present in the new one that was absent in the prequels was the entire cast seemed to be having a blast making it. This movie feels a lot like one of the original series, though there are a lot of more modern tropes used, which I could see people disliking. Not big things, but the humor seems more 2010s-ish than the original series. But the action was good, the new cast was good, and the original trio we love so much are still pretty badass.

  7. Okay, what? Im supposed to be inspired by somebody falling from grace and by heroes failing? Thats not how it works Doug.

    I think NC has been doing these for too long and is running out of generic stuff to say so he kinda just babbles on without thinking about what he’s saying.

    • Or he’s just giving his opinion.

      And besides there have been plenty of artists and writers who have been inspired by failure. Success isn’t everything.

    • PLus he has mentioned over and over that the reason he doesn’t want to do prequel reviews is everything has already been said about them. Any points he makes that you think fall flat are likely just a result of him trying to say something new, anything new.

  8. I recently watched an episode of Midnight Screenings and Brad summed it up best:

    “Even a bad movie can be entertaining.”

    And to me, The Phantom Menace is very very entertaining. Hell, my dad (who is a hardcore original lover/ prequel hate) said Darth Maul was the best part of the movie; it’s the only reason he likes it.

    A lot of the stuff people complain about (Jar Jar, the midichlorians, etc), I’m just indifferent to. I was born in ’94, and Phantom Menace came out in ’99, so I was five when I saw it. I don’t like the bad stuff, I don’t hate them…I’m just indifferent.

    If you ask me, Attack of the Clones is the worse movie (and when he actually posts that tomorrow, I’ll explain why I think that).

  9. Thing about The Phantom Menace is that it has some good parts but those are lost in sea of all bad that there is. Ironically one of things that I find interesting these days is Palpatine’s power play that extends through out entire prequel trilogy. When talking about Jar Jar people tend to talk about how much stereotype he is instead of how unfunny and annoying he is which are IMO far bigger issues with that character.

  10. I actually kinda prefer this movie to Attack of the Clones due to the absence of the terrible romance scenes. I understand people playing the “that’s racist!” cards on Nute Gunray and his pals in the trade-federation, but I didn’t have nearly as much of a problem with Jar Jar and the Gungans as a lot of people have – mostly because I have absolutely no idea what stereotype they’re modeled after. Can somebody show me an example of a human character with similar behavior that I can use for comparison?

    • I think they’re a stereotype of Jamaicans. At least that’s what I hear from people.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        So are the trolls in World of Warcraft, blatantly so, yet nobody seems to have a problem with that. And if Jar Jar has actually been a likeable and competent character instead of an annoying clod, I doubt they’d have a problem with him either.

  11. Hey, we finally got a Phantom Menace review from you! You didn’t even mention how you wouldn’t review this. You’ve made fun of it more times than Linkara has “One More Day”! Trust me, I counted! Look, nobody sold their marriage to the Devil! At least no one did that here!

  12. The biggest problem with Phantom Menace was the Hype! When it came out I went to see it knowing full well that it wasn’t going to be as good as the original Trilogy so though I came out feeling disappointed I didn’t hate this movie….In fact I thought it was, well….OK!

    The thing is it is a decent Fantasy Movie. Nothing special no but not that bad either.
    The problem is that it’s STAR WARS and we all expected better….MUCH better!

    For me Attack of the Clones is far far worse than Phantom Menace because:
    1) I was expecting Lucas to learn from his mistakes and figured at least Phantom Menace was just the opening to a Trilogy and we had two more Movies that could be great.
    Boy was I mistaken!
    2) The Retcons! Oh…The Retcons! Attack of the Clones basically tore up the Star Wars History and rewrote it! Badly!
    2a) Boba Fett! Oh how I hate Character Fandom insisting on a loved character being shoehorned into a film! Star Trek: Into Darkness and Khan is another egregious example of this!
    2b) The Clone Wars going from a massive galaxy wide battle for survival to a political plot that makes no sense whatsoever!
    2c) Count Dooku! What an utterly pointless character! Retconned in out of nowhere because Lucas had killed off Darth Maul and needed a Sith to take the fall so no-one would realise Palpatine was the real danger!
    3) The Jedi Council completely forgetting/ignoring the fate of Shmi Skywalker for over a decade! And Anakin’s even more irredeemable memory lapse considering his own mother! {You’d think he’d have never stopped asking the Jedi Council or at least Obi Wan to free her!}.
    4) The atrocious forced Romance! Do I need to say more about this?
    5) Qui Gon being credited with the discovery of ascension!
    6) The frankly weak plot! Let’s face it, even without the really disgraceful stuff above this plot is bad!

    By the time Revenge of the Sith came out I’d given up hope!
    Was it better than Clones – It couldn’t have been any worse! Yeah it was better.
    Was it better than Phantom Menace – Errrm? I don’t know….I think I’d put it on par or slightly below Phantom Menace – It had the action we all wanted to see but that was about it.

    The thing is I still think that something could be done with the layout we’re given in Phantom Menace to fit it in with A New Hope etc. BUT Clones and Sith decided to just go with Retcon after Retcon and completely remove any semblance of continuity!

    As for Phantom Menace itself:
    Anakin’s age – He’s far too young in Phantom Menace for the story and Yoda’s insistence that he’s too “old” to begin the training.
    Anakin should have been 14 or 15.

    Jar Jar’s accent – This must be an American thing because though I get the reasons why it’s hated it really didn’t bother me that much other than sounding silly.
    The other Gungans made it work and you didn’t get a “Black” vibe from them. TBH I find this to be a bit political correctness gone mad.

    Jar Jar himself – Yes he’s grating. But is he as bad as people make out? Nah….Star Wars is a Kids Movie and you have to accept that Jar Jar was aimed at the Kids.
    More miss than hit but not enough for me to hate Phantom Menace because of him.

    C-3PO – Oh God! Why Lucas? WHY?!?
    This was completely and utterly unnecessary! I’ll give you Artoo as R2 Droids routinely had their memories wiped BUT why would you wipe the memory of a Protocol Droid who needs to know the mannerisms of particular people off by heart!
    Secondly – C3PO is one of a million Protocol Droids who are exactly the same! No! He was NOT put together by Anakin Skywalker from what he found in a junkyard on Tatooine!

  13. I always find the hate for this film interesting. Do not get me wrong, it is a bad film, but by all standards it is the least bad of the prequels.

    Jar Jar is awful on many levels and things as such as blood tests for the force are just , but those things are childish and silly rather than outright repugnant.

    It is when you get to grown-up Annie (hero of the galaxy) being the streepy stalker dude that things really become offensive.

  14. I freaking love this movie.,,.

  15. Ok. I hate the Phantom Menace. It’s by far worse than Attack of the Clones to me.

    However. Really, what’s the problem with the midiclorians ? I never saw what the problem was. It was clearly established in the original that the ability to access the Force is somewhat hereditary ( “The Force is strong in our family” ). From that, of course there was a genetic factor. So yeah, that seems totally legit to me.

    • But does that mean that Obi Wan and Mace Windu got the force from their families? Even though the Jedi Order says that Jedis can’t have loved ones or family?

      See how confusing it is.

      • Well… they were born, weren’t they? Ben and Mace, whether they knew their parents or not, HAD parents, no?

        A person might be born with a tremendous talent or potential for something… but if they don’t do anything with it nothing will come of it.

        Hell, it could be like imaginations — we thrive on it while we’re young, but over time it just slowly fades for some. It’s possible that when “Jedi recruiters” were scouting around they found Ben and Mace at just the right time… while their parents, by sheer luck, had never had the chance of meeting the Jedi and thus any connection with the Force they might have had faded and was forgotten.

        (I mean the midichloreans were still in there, but their parents just stopped… “listening.”)

  16. For me, Menace is the worst of the prequels. However, it should be noted that that is probably only because I seem to suffer from a crippling inability to remember Clones at all. Seriously, I just keep forgetting things like what its about, why its bad, etc, etc. No matter how many times I watch it. So, since I liked Sith the most out of the 3 by a considerable margin, Phantom Menace gets my worst spot by default (although thats not to say it didnt earn it.)

  17. I don’t mind this movie. Yeah, it’s bad… but I still find that there’s fun to be had. Then again I’m also a big fan of history and ‘world building’, so the stuff between Naboo and the Trade Federation interests me; it’s not what you’d expect out of a space opera, but it helps add a touch of depth to the world besides the black-and-white, good-versus-evil stuff.

    Hell, at the beginning of A New Hope we only know that the Empire is evil because they flat out tell us in the opening text crawl! XÞ

    Maybe, deep down, I didn’t want nothing but action and drama like some might have been expecting. Sometimes I like it when a film does something a bit unexpected; it’s why I greatly enjoyed “Iron Man III” as opposed to “II,” since it explored Tony’s psyche. Here, you get to see the innocence that Anakin got to enjoy as a youth as a stark contrast to what he’d become as an adult; a long-buried, inherent goodness that’d win out in the very end, perhaps?

    I don’t know, my definition for “bad movie” tends to be a bit more specific than others, I suppose. I’d definitely watch “Phantom Menace” before I see “Highlander II: The Quickening,” again.

    (As a side note I find I can’t complain about midichlorians — can’t spell it, either — because I’m an RPG fan. After all, the better someone’s stats, the better they are at doing things… like magic… and the higher the score you start off with the better off you are. Besides, it kind of makes me smirk that they try to explain away the Force with SCIENCE!!)

  18. I think you’d be surprised at just how many people like the prequels (inc The Phantom Menace). For years it’s a case of “Oh the Prequels are just bad and everyone who says different is just wrong”. But now these films are actually finding it’s defenders which I really like.

    I was born after the original trilogy had finished but was well into my teens by the time The Phantom Menace was released. Loved the original trilogy, loved The Phantom Menace, still do. And no it’s not that I don’t notice the offensive stereotypes or find Jar Jar Binks irritating or hate the introduction of midi-chlorian or find some of the dialogue a bit stilted but all of that stuff is not enough to ruin the story for me.

    It’s a damn good story in my opinion. The plot is all about Palpatine beginning his plan to destabilise the galaxy and rise to power. I got that first time I watched it and I really fail to see why other people have such a hard time getting that concept? Further more for everyone who says it’s just about taxes and political negotiations you should really watch it again. There’s tons of cool action in there pretty much from the get go. The pod race + duel of fates = awesome! Also for every Jar Jar Binks there is also a good character, Obi-Wan Kenobi for example. He grows from a somewhat brash, arrogant padawan into a wise Jedi Master we recognise from the original trilogy over the course of three movies. The chances in the three movies are subtle but they are defiantly there and Ewan McGregor nails that role perfectly. The Phantom Menace is the start of Obi-Wan journey and I love watching it for that reason alone… and for Liam Neeson and Ray Park of course! 😛

    Sure The Phantom Menace has it’s problems, as do the other prequel films but so to do the original films (as you said) but I along with a fair few other people (still might be in the minority but it’s a more significant minority that I think you give it credit for) can see past these problems and enjoy the hell out of them anyways! 🙂

  19. It’s just a movie. But again, I suppose, when one gets really into something one can either annoy everyone by loving it too much [like MLP or Frozen] or annoy everyone by keep beating a dead horse.

    All in all, I didn’t got disappointed when I watched these movies, but then again, I really didn’t grasp how much people got into the old movies.

    • “I suppose, when one gets really into something one can either annoy everyone by loving it too much [like MLP or Frozen]”

      Although it shouldn’t because those people can simply just ignore it and let the other people have their fun.

      • Can one? I mean it’s on the streets, on the internet, on the mall, on conventions, on TV.

        I’m not making a point of how people should have fun or not. I’m just saying people sometimes either put things on an altar or on the stake. And while fine for a while it gets grating.

  20. Jar Jar is behind EVERYTHING.

    He’s The Sith Lord behind all the movies.

  21. If you’ve read “The Star Wars” comic, based on Lucas’ original Star Wars script, you can see that he’s a guy with a lot of ideas and many of them don’t work very well. It’s the people around him picking out the good ones and then polishing it that made Star Wars what it is.

    And the prequel lightsaber battles really aren’t that good. It’s just like those modern martial art tournaments with loud music and lots of spinning. It’s not fighting, it’s dancing. Granted the ep 4 Vader vs Obiwan fight scene was trash, the Luke vs Vader fights were much better than the prequel fights even with the stiff choreography.

  22. I can kind of defend the midi-chlorians and keep the spiritual/metaphysical Force at the same time.

    Let’s say that the Force is still what we were told in Episodes 4-6. It is a spiritual essence. But let’s say that midi-chlorians ALSO exist, and they are attracted to those more in-tune with the Force, like moths around a porch light. The more in-tune one is with the Force, the more midi-chlorians one has in their body. This was an easy way, pre-Empire, to measure one’s potential Force capabilities without needing to be a Jedi/Sith to detect it.

    Then, when the Empire came into being and the Jedi were apparently all wiped out, all evidence of midi-chlorians were either buried or destroyed by them, thus them not being mentioned in the original trilogy. There was no need to even mention them by Yoda, Obi-Wan, or others still alive in the prequel timeline, because the topic never arose.

    So, I can accept the midi-chlorian thing.

  23. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I’m not going to watch this review, or the reviews of any of the other prequels. I already know what they’re going to contain: a lot of bitching and whining and Jar Jar hate, because that’s all Doug (or any other internet reviewer) ever does when talking about these movies. I’ve been listening to that for 15 years. I really don’t need to hear it again. Ever.
    The level of vitriolic hatred fanboys have for these movies never ceases to amaze me. They seem to regard them as a betrayal. That’s how much ownership they feel they have over this franchise. As if George Lucas snuck into their house and defaced their favorite toy.
    Listen up, fanboys. Star Wars does NOT belong to you. It belongs to George Lucas (at least it did until he sold it to Disney because fans couldn’t stop whining about how he was fucking up THEIR universe). He created that universe. If you don’t like what he did with it, feel free to write your own script and sell it to Hollywood, like he did. Found your own multi-billion-dollar franchise and pop culture phenomenon. Then you can find out what it feels like to have millions of entitled crybabies who’ve never created anything in their lives piss and moan about how YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, and what you should be doing with YOUR OWN FUCKING CREATION.

    • You really should watch the review, you might be surprised.

    • Listen up, fanboys. Nostalgia Critic videos do NOT belong to you. They belong to Doug Walker. He created them. If you don’t like what he dod with it, feel free to write your own script and sell it to Channel Awesome. Found your own franchise and pop culture phenomenon. Then you can find out what it feels like to have millions of entitled crybabies who’ve never created anything in their lives piss and moan about how YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, and what you should be doing with YOUR OWN FUCKING CREATION.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        The salient difference being that I do not begrudge Doug his right to make the kind of videos he wants to make, nor do I feel personally betrayed by him for doing so, nor do I make my own edits of his videos, modifying them to be more to my liking.

        • Except that Lucas apparently only directed one movie from the original trilogy and during the making of that one, he got constructive criticism to make his directing better. Later on he didn’t have as much feedback or guidance from other professionals, and that’s why we got the prequels that we did.

          Do people dramatize the reality and get vitriolic in their criticisms? Sure they do. Is some of that criticism legitimate? More than likely. Some of it is the kind of criticism that George Lucas would have gotten from other people to polish his work, but he didn’t, so the result wasn’t as good. There is a time and a place for criticism. Even though the internet can be overly negative, thanks to the distance and safety of relative anonymity, just because they haven’t created a video doesn’t mean their criticism is completely invalid. People can sometimes know what doesn’t work simply by having some knowledge about life and some critical analysis skills, and be correct in their assessment, without being a published professional in that artistic field. Some of it is just personal preference, but other instances involve basic logic and realism.

          And yes, it’s much easier to criticize than to create, but constructive criticism is a valuable tool. Bitching and moaning isn’t the exact same thing, but at the same time, people have a right to their opinion and to their feelings. It doesn’t validate their claims, but they’re still living, breathing people who want to vent and find reassurance. As long as they aren’t directly attacking or otherwise threatening harm to someone else, then why not give them free speech?

          Btw, George Lucas ended up altering some of the movies that he didn’t direct when they got remastered. Where does that place him in your complaint about editing other people’s videos? Sure, he worked on them as the writer, and he did own the rights at one point, but it falls into kind of a grey area, yeah? Because he clearly had issue with the directing and so he made official modifications to his liking, after the fact, because he felt someone else was doing it wrong. Does he get a pass just because he’s a professional? (Note: I’m not trying to make a comment on whether his changes were better or worse, ’cause I don’t even recall what most of them were. I’m just bringing up what he did, because it amuses me.)

          I do agree with your request for more reasonable fan responses overall; I just think you’re approaching this from a less tenable position.

  24. Star Wars Episode 1 is awesome, I watched it I think close to 50 times and even own it on Laserdisc.

  25. What stereotypes ?

  26. This may have been my first conscious recognition of a movie that was all spectacle with virtually no substance. I enjoyed watching the movie; my wife at the time and I took our infant son to see the movie in the theater, his very first theater experience (which he likely has no memory of; derp). I remember being excited when the score opened up to the typically scroll of exposition and I remember being awed by the vistas, amazed by the combat scenes (particularly the light saber battle at the end).

    But I also remember wincing at the dialogue, gritting my teeth at the wooden acting (what was Natalie Portman on during this movie? She had the emotional range of a popsicle stick) and nauseated by the glaring lack of practical effects in favor of largely unnecessary CGI.

    Though I will admit I rediscovered some modicum of my childhood joy in that first viewing, I wouldn’t claim this movie was remotely on par with the strength of the films that predated it; its entertainment value was far more transient in contrast to the curious timelessness of its predecessors.

  27. glad Doug didn’t bash it completely but how come it seems like I and Leon are the only ones who caught that Qui Gon said the Medicolorians are conduits for the force not that they ARE the force? and I remember that from over a decade ago.

    also, is Jar Jar really offensive if his voice actor was doing that voice to PLAYFULLY mock his family?

  28. I don’t like Episode 1, let’s be clear about that. Looking back as an adult I can see the flaws. But when it came out I was eight years old, and give Lucas some credit in that he knows how to target a film towards the eight year old mind. I thought Jar Jar was hilarious. I got all the merchandise. Hell, one of my earliest memories is of owning a Star Wars Annual which I dug up and did a bit of background research on last year and discovered that it came out a full six months before the movie did. Which gels quite closely with my memory of being weirdly aware of the characters and storyline of this film even before I actually saw it.

    When you were that age, it wasn’t a given that you’d seen the originals. My dad swears blind that he showed me all three original movies before Episode 1 came out but, being that age, I barely remember them. Most of my memories of Star Wars are based on Episode 1 and the perspective that the older fans have came later as a result of seeing the original trilogy as an adult. I don’t like the film, with good reason, but I can’t deny that it has a nostalgic place in my heart as the foundation of my Star Wars fandom, even if that led me to find better films.

    • For the record, the Star Wars merchandising being available well ahead of the movie is nothing new, at least in the UK. Simon Pegg, an avowed Star Wars fan, recounts in his autobiography of having owned all the toys before he actually saw the first Star Wars film.

  29. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I believe m one of the last ones to comment on this since the last person but I havent seen this since I was way back in 2010 pr 2005-2009 I’m not sure but now thinking about it I’ve heard way worse about attack of the clones than I did this one and with the new prequels coming out I definitely think that at my age of 16 now I think this will be the franchise that I’ll watch instead of the George Lucas ones but only occasionally watch episode III since its the better of the ones and frankly I’m glad the new movies getting great reviews(that gets me even more hyped to see the movie to be honest).

  30. I think “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones” are pretty closely tied for worst of the franchise, but I think the edge goes to Attack of the Clones.

    I remember seeing Phantom Menace in theaters…and as a casual Star Wars fan I thought “that was it?”…it didn’t evoke rage or hate with me, but I felt it was flat and only served to set up the sequels. Nothing really wowed me aside from some of the visual effects, and several things made me shake my head.

    Then came Attack of the Clones…and oh my god did that just bore me. By this time, I’d seen all these locations and digital effects from the first film. There was nothing left to “wow” me, and the tolerable dynamic of Obi-Wan and Qui Gon was replaced by the insufferble Padme and Anakin.

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