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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, film history was made, but does it hold up? Doug takes a look at A New Hope.

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  1. First post
    On disneyceber yay

  2. Marvel reviews are good, but good to finally see his feelings on Star Wars.

  3. I really need to see these star war movies
    Please do x men next in prep for x men apocalypse

  4. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace ( and no I am not kidding ).

    • Doug has said in the past he wouldn’t do the Phantom Menace unless he could bring something new to the table (*cough* Darth Jar Jar *cough*) because so many people in the past have already done the film to death. ………. You could say the same thing about Sharknado and Food Fight, sure, but it’s hard to do a review of Episode I without repeating points everyone already knows. If you really want a review, I’d suggest looking up Mr Plinkett’s review of The Phantom Menace which lasts nearly an hour and 10 minutes and covers pretty much any complaint someone really could have about the film.

    • He did do a video entitled “11 good things from the Star Wars prequels.”

  5. Personally I enjoyed Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith. ChaosReacon

  6. My favorite Star Wars movie is Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

  7. My favorite Star Wars movie is Empire Stokes Back.

  8. Ep. 5 Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. Cliche, I know, but I found most of those scenes in that movie the most iconic.

  9. Attack of the Clones is my favorite Star Wars Movie

    The film provided J.J. Abrams and Lucas film with the perfect blueprint for how not to make a Star Wars film. If The Force Awakens is really good it is because this film was so awful. The film was so bad that the team at Lucasfilm are terrified of it and don’t want to make another one like it.

    Also, this film spawned the Plinkett reviews. Empire Strikes Back will never receive a Plinkett review.


    Star Wars is still one of the greatest movies ever made. It has it’s goofy moments I guess but is it wrong that I don’t care. It isn’t weird when Leia said to Tarkin that she reconsidered his foul stench when she was brought. If any thing it’s a classic. Also I’ll admit there are other movies that have less goofy moments than what Doug described in SW and probably better spoken dialogue but whatever movies he’s reffering to I still like Star Wars more than those films because I just do. Star Wars means a lot to me. Dialogue and acting doesn’t have to be perfect and spot on to be good. It can still be better than movies that do for other reasons that I can’t explain.

  11. Over all A New Hope was good start for iconic movie franchise that ended up including things like video games, novels and comic books that would expand universe and characters. It’s clear that way it was made is so that it would had functioned as stand alone movie in case that it would not had been succesful like it did.

  12. I’m glad that he mentioned the graphics. They truly were groundbeaking, so much so that I went out of my way to buy the Laserdiscs of the original films. Something George Lucas seemed to have forgotten in 1997.

  13. the empire strikes back was my favorite star wars movie.

  14. Did anyone released it on DVD or Blu-Ray without bullshit CGI?

    • I think you can get it on DVD.
      Two problems:
      1. I have been told it is expensive.
      2. The video and audio is just a strait rip from the 1993 laser disk with no cleaning up.
      To quote Wookieepedia: “The DVDs used non-anamorphic video sourced from the 1993 LaserDisc releases, which was nowhere near the same quality as the remastered versions of the films present in the 2004 [special edition] boxset.”

      • I just checked, the 2004 boxed set version is around $85 and the 2008 boxed set version is around $360 on Amazon!

        • Are you serious about the prices? I bought the 2008 version for real cheap (don’t remember the exact price but it was cheap) back in 2009 and I still have it, if I knew it was worth that much I would have sold it already

          • “back in 2009”.

            How long ago was that? And might there be something significant about this year – or this month in particular – that might have an impact on the pricing, say, like something that might drive up demand for it through the roof?

          • (In case that’s too subtle, EPISODE FREAKING 7 IS COMING OUT! Don’t you think that might influence the demand and pricing just a wee bit?)

      • In my opinion it’s better to have the Laserdisc versions since the audio quality is superior when compared the audio quality of the DVD versions (analog & uncompressed PCM digital). Video quality is the same though.

    • Look up Harmy’s Despecialized Editions.

  15. Does it bother anyone else that when he mentions ‘ground breaking effects’ he is showing CGI shots from the ‘Special Edition’?

  16. I’m surprised that you reviewed this since it wasn’t Disney when it came out but whatever, that’s a nitpick. I have great memories of this movie. I remember that I used to be the only one I knew who liked Star Wars and now everyone does! Oh, how times have changed. ^.^ I admit that I’m blind to any of the flaws of the movie. Sorry but I am. LOL.

  17. Manuel Marmolejo Martínez

    This is my Favorite Star Wars Movie… I first Watch it as a Kid, i Didn’t Understand a Word (I saw it without subtitles) but, all the images Makes me Imagine with a word in a Galaxy far, far away

  18. From @JonFromSeattle on Twitter: Although I’ll probably get a lot of flack for this I find that ‘A New Hope’ is by far my favorite movie. I wasn’t around at the time of the original release but I’ve watched all films in movie-theaters. I’ve even seen ‘A New Hope’ in it’s original 70mm 6 track stereo sound. How many fans can say they’ve done that? A new hope brought us an interesting space opera with fantastic space battles, drama, romance, mystery and tons of great action. Yeah the fight between Ben-Kenobi and Vader wasn’t exactly one of the best Light-Saber fights in the Star-Wars saga, but it shows that even with age comes wisdom – and not all fights have to be won with sheer strength. I was even rooting for Han-Solo when I was a young kid watching it for the first time, hoping that he would get the princess. I liked Mark Hamill then and continue to love the man and his fantastic roles in all that he does. From playing Luke to playing the iconic Joker we know and love. His voice-over work is what got me interested in voice acting from a young age, and i’m an amateur voice-actor working in Seattle. Without ‘A New Hope’ we just wouldn’t have what we have now. An epic set of movies of which to pass on to this new generation. I see great things coming in the Star-Wars movies. Still waiting to see if all these rumors of Snoke being Plagueis are true. omg can’t wait for Thursday night! <3<3<3

  19. Come on Doug…

    Stop trying to insist that the “current” trends and preferences are what we should judge a film by.

    In 2015, characters don’t really have much character…they have quirks…and they don’t really have development, they have exposition dumps. In the 70s, you could have heroes with flaws and personalities. Part of Han Solo’s charm was that he wasn’t “on board” for a full blown battle with the Empire, and much of that actually gets resolved in the next two films.

    These aren’t “flaws” these are characters written in a day and age before the modern era of ultra-conformity and political correctness. There is nothing “wrong” with these characters, there is however a dissonance between what is currently in vogue and what was in 1977.

    This is coming from someone is not even a huge Star Wars fan…I like the original Trilogy, but that’s about it.

  20. Did you deliberately choose a picture from James Bond that had Christopher Lee in it?

  21. Batman-Credit-Card

    Praise it too much???!!! WTFIWWY Doug?!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Well it’s kinda true I hindsight I mean we have praised it a lot and considered it as a classic so it’s like most people think its flawed but it’s a classic so we kinda do overlook its flaws and praise it too much as a critical masterpiece.

  22. I’m a sucker for classics, so I have to say episode IV

  23. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Pretty good episode review. I haven’t seen any of the original movies but have seen all three of the original trilogy(shame me for watching the first two). I hae to admit though I’m really interested in seeing what J.J Abrahms does with this new star wars movies but I assure you I’ll like it’s way better then any of the other three movies(that’s for sure).

  24. My favorite is the original Star Wars now called episode IV

  25. Ant Man has a movie, Marvel and Star Wars belong to Disney.
    Nobody would believe in that a couple of years ago.

  26. flamethrower-guitar

    It’s really neat to hear you talk about Star Wars, Doug. Honestly I could just listen to you talk about any movie for hours; your love of film is infectious and you always point out great things I hadn’t thought of before. To me and a lot of people, Star Wars is like the ultimate in what got us into film, and even if you maybe don’t feel as strongly about it, I still really love hearing you talk about Star Wars.

    As a film student I always say to myself, Star Wars is what got me interested in studying film, Nostalgia Critic is why I stay with it.

  27. He’s talking about how the characters are complaining and come off as whiny but at least they have personality unlike many other characters in shows and movies these days wich are mostly limited to one or two character traits.

    I also hate that he takes yet another jap at George Lucas by implying that the original movies sucess was just luck and that Lucas has always sucked as a film maker. Renegade Cut made a good video about this wich everyone should watch.

    While I’m interested what Abrams will do with the franchise I kinda have the feeling that it’ll end up like Star Trek: bland and unoriginal. Wich really is what Abrams is known for.

  28. Not just a Flash Gordon influence, I heard this is what we got because Lucas couldn’t get the rights to use the character. Kind of a Popeye/Mario situation.

  29. Dromedary Meat Cactus

    You claim that before the Internet, “everybody loved Star Wars and thought it was just frame by frame the ultimate masterwork”

    Seems like you’re making the common cognitive error of imagining your personal experience as a child enraptured by Ewoks was shared by everyone. Sir Alec Guinness was in the freakin’ movie FFS and he didn’t think the movie was that great.

  30. Another movie not hipster enough for Critic. Should be Brazil, or Chicago, amirite?

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