Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Nostalgia Critic

Cinema Snob helps Critic look over Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a continuation of the most popular sci-fi movies ever, but how does it hold up to the original?

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Luke had the best lines in the damn movie!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaay. Watching.

  3. There’s been an awakening…

    • I’m pleasantly surprised with this review. I was afraid it was “too soon”, but both Doug and Brad gave great points and the sketches were really well done parodying scenes from the movie MAD style.

      In all honesty, while I loved this movie when I first saw it, I can’t help but feel I enjoyed Creed more which was another movie that rehashed a formula but did it well. Doug was right on point when this movie was a bit too much of a “safe” rehash of A New Hope and while Creed did rehash a lot of the first Rocky, the emotional parts of Creed were just more well done and TFA didn’t have much of that, even when Han Solo died, I didn’t feel much emotion since I knew Harrison Ford wanted him dead since RotJ.

      I also think aside from the Mad Max review, this is one of the better clipless reviews since the context was made much clearer in both the opinion and sketches. Doug, use this episode as a template from now on for future clipless reviews.

      Happy 300th. 🙂

  4. FYI, Kylo Ren is clearly paying homage to the Expanded Universe character Jacen Solo, who turns to the dark side and becomes Death Caedus.

    • There is speculation that Rey could be Jaina Solo.

      • I think it’s more likely to be Luke’s daughter. If she was Han’s daughter there would have been more nods or lines between them.

        • Well, Han Solo clearly has some idea as to who the girl was. Despite what was said in this movie Han always seemed very standoffish toward Rey more than a mentor. sure he offered her a job, but even then he tried to keep his distance. Not only that, but when they went to the cantina Maz also asked him once they were alone “So who’s the girl?” and since we can infer that this new character is force sensative (not a jedi, but force sensative), she can sense Han hiding something that he knows about the girl. From what the movie has done so far there’s no clues to Luke’s new jedi order ever having passed the law that Jedi can marry, since all we know that happened between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens” is that he formed a new order, had a couple students, and one of the first ones, Jace… I mean Ben… killed all the other students. Hence why I think it’s likely that Rey is to Ren as Jaina is to Jacen.

    • Listen, to all of you people you are complete and utter geeks who spend most of their free time without a women, they made it perfectly clear in more than one interview that absolutely NOTHING from the expanded universe would be in these movies. You can plug X=Y+Z into just about anything, but that doesn’t mean that it fits.
      I’m so sick of you people geeking out over these movies. Just put the rock down, and quit looking for things that aren’t there.

  5. Good start, they demolishing that piece of shit of a movie

    • Omnipotentmonkeych

      You’re gonna be disappointed if you expected a predominantly negative review… gotta love how the people saying ‘it’s shit’ never have strong enough arguments to support the extremity of their claim.

      • Here are my arguments. And they are on top 3 of best Episode 7 reviews on IMDb.

        So today I went to the premiere of the long awaited new star wars Episode 7.

        Here is a fast and short opinion: The movie blows really blows.

        Here is the more detailed opinion.

        The movie has no star wars feeling. None. No deep dialogs about the force and almost no background about what happened in the period between episode 6 and this one.

        The dialogs between Ray and Finn sound like two modern age teenagers talking (first real dialogue between them, Finn asks Ray if she has a boyfriend). Horrible.

        Then there is the First Order (successors of The Empire) the bad guys. Their leader commander is the Sith wimp Kylo Ren who answers to a extremely bad CGI drawn Supreme leader (really?) about whom the audience doesn’t get any information at all.

        Kylo Ren is an insecure teenager with anger issues. His character destroys the sleek mysterious Sith presentation of the both prequel as the original trilogy. This is really a bad thing.

        The main weapon of the First order is a death star on steroids. But the way the weapon works is taken straight out of Star Trek. This is a criminal offense.

        Han Solo and Chewbacca appeared in the movie absolutely out of nowhere. It’s like Abrams and Disney were desperate to throw them in there just for nostalgia.

        Once again out of nowhere Ray figures out she has Jedi powers. The first time it happens is when Luke Skywalker’s (who as been explained shortly decided abandon everyone and live in isolation in a place unknown) light-saber suddenly possesses the ability to show her where it’s located in exactly the same way like bracelet of Anubis showed to Evelyn it’s location in the movie Mummy returns.

        Also the audience figures out later on that non-Jedi’s also can fight with light-sabers when Finn ( not a Jedi ) fight the wimpy Sith Kylo Ren. It’s like who needs Jedi’s, give a light-saber to a regular Joe and he will fight almost as good as a Jedi who had years of training.

        There is one scene near the ending that is so incredibly bad it just makes you want to get up and leave the theater. It’s a scene between Han Solo and Kylo Ren. Every person who has more than 2 brain cells will know what is going to happen. This scene is a direct spit in the face to the bad-ass Han Solo we all know and love.


        Because Disney and Abrams decided not to include George Lucas in any way this movie has no Star wars feel and no soul. It’s like when an unknown Chinese manufacturer decided to make a fake iPhone. They can call it an iPhone as much as they want, but it isn’t an iPhone.

        • Omnipotentmonkeych

          Real Conclusion: you need to go watch the movie again and this time PAY ATTENTION!

        • Omnipotentmonkeych

          So your response is a bunch of nitpicks, some shit that’s objectively wrong, and your inability to perceive character development? thank you for once again proving that the people who hate this movie are morons, I have yet to see a SINGLE objectively strong argument from them.

          • Since art is subjective, there’s no such thing as an objectively strong argument for or against.

          • Well I didn’t really like this movie so here are a few good arguments against it.
            1)Finn was worthless. His character did one thing at the beginning of the movie and after the fact he did nothing. He didn’t move the plot forward. He didn’t act on his own. The best you could do is call him Chewy from the first movie but at least Chewy was unique. The most interesting thing that came out of including Finn in the movie was the storm trooper TR-8R. And that is sad.
            2)The climax was pointless. You have a giant gun in a planet that you don’t show moving. That implies its a giant fixed artillery piece. So you use up all of your limited ammo supply to destroy one planet with you could destroy 5 planets with a less powerful shot. There was no reason for the First Order to fully charge the weapon. There was no reason for the Star Killer to be destroyed. In fact the trilogy could have been improved if it wasn’t destroyed.
            Imagine this: Climax of the movie. The heroes go in and have to disable the weapon. Destroying the limiter causes the gun to misfire and the day is saved…for now. But the weapon isn’t destroyed. Then you have a reason why Rey, Finn and Chewy have to leave the planet. You give the final fight stakes with you worried that they can’t leave in time. You give the Rebel alliance something to do during the next two films. You can even have it end by doing exactly what they did in this film, overload the batteries by fully charging the weapon and destroying something. It was a huge wasted potential.
            3) There were no actual stakes. At no point did I worry about the characters. It was obvious Han was going to die. It was obvious that Finn and Rey would get away. It was obvious that the rebels would win. Copying the trench scene didn’t add stakes. Putting a ticking clock that the characters on planet wouldn’t know about, just the audience members didn’t add tension. There was no stakes. I didn’t care how it was going to end. I spent the Rey and Kylo fight wondering how the two would be separated, not who was going to win.
            4) R2D2 going into standby mode while Luke was gone. That was dumb. Incredibly dumb because he had nearly a full map of were to look for Luke. Would it be helpful? YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN. You’re looking for a guy and you know almost exactly where he is. All you have to do is higher a bounty hunter to search the area and you’d have found him a long time ago. The only way this wouldn’t have been an issue was if for some reason that section of space was cordoned off and the map acts like a key of some sort. But they already had enough to go on to find the damn guy, they just didn’t have something that literally pointed where he was down to an island on a map.
            4) They didn’t follow one character. The first trilogy was Luke’s story. The second trilogy was Anakin’s story. This trilogy, I suppose its supposed to be Rey’s? In ANH you follow Luke and the story is told through his eyes. He is the main actor in the plot and acts as the audience surrogate. In this movie you have three actors and not enough is given to all three to warrant you caring about them. I didn’t care about Finn. I wanted to care about Poe but he wasn’t in it long enough. And I did care a little about Rey. I would have preferred it to just follow one of them and not go off into tangents. Keep it more like ANH not try to make us care about three characters at the same time.
            5) They new this was going to be a trilogy and it shows. Its so glaringly obvious. You know what’s cool about ANH? Its a stand alone film. You can watch it and stop. The story is complete. Their mission is done and you feel fulfilled. You know whats good about Episode 1? Its a complete story. Sure you knew it was going to advance to more episodes but you don’t have to watch any more. The story of how Anakin got into the Jedi order is told and the stakes presented in the film are resolved. You know what sucks about TFA? It ends on a cliff note. It knows its going to lead to new films and it uses only one aspect of it to tie itself to the next film. It leads you wanting more solely because there is so little there to begin with. The mission presented in this film doesn’t feel resolved. It feels like a beginning, with nothing left to tie it to the next films except for the bad guys.

            Overall its not the best film. Was it better than 1,2, and 3. Probably. Is it better than 4,5, or 6? No. There is no reason to watch this again. In fact, before episode 8 you could probably just watch that ending shot of her handing a lightsaber to Luke. That’s about the entire movie summed up there.

        • Wow, you’re kind of a douche.

          • Calling someone names just because they don’t like something you like? I expected better of you, Toonmore.

        • Okay i’ll argue only a bit against this because you do have some very fair points
          A) Ray and Finn are teenagers though, Luke speaks like a teenager when we first meet him but he gets over it when he realises he needs to act like an adult, which is what i believe i saw these characters do.
          B) Kylo Ren isn’t a Sith yet, I mean Anakin was an insecure teenager with anger issues through out the prequels because apparently that is the kind of attitude that leads you to become a Sith
          C) I thought they used their Han Solo and Chewbacca rather well, i mean at least they had some purpose to actually be in the movie, which i prefer to some out of no where cameo that has nothing to do with the over all plot
          D) Yeah its pretty obvious how THE scene with Hans is going to play out (although i think that just helps build the tension in the scene) but also you seem to forget this isn’t the Han Solo we all know and love, this is Han Solo 30 years on whose become a father, lost his son, become estranged from his wife Etc. I mean i think we would all find it rather odd if Han Solo was still played as though he was 30 again. Also Harrison ford is 73 now so i think it would be literally impossible for him to play Han Solo for the next six years.

        • Wow, I’ve actually created an account just to reply to you, TheRussian.

          First off about no info given about Snoke. He’s going to be in the next two movies, give him time. We didn’t get any information about the Empror in ROTJ until the prequels, nearly two decades later.

          Secondly, Kylo REN is far better than how Anakin was in the prequels, mainly because of Hayden. He was a whiny annoying teenager and portrayed by a man who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag (and don’t tel me it’s not his fault).

          How would you suggest Han and Chewie be introduced then? It was fine how they were introduced, Rey and Finn were in the Falcon, which they say they have been looking for.

          Oh, and Han, a non jedi, used a LIGHTSABER in ESB. Has it ever been said that non jedis CAN’T fight with LIGHTSABERS? After all, storm troopers were originally going to fight with them.

          And anyway, Finn clearly wasn’t fantastic with a a lightsaber anyway, considering he gets sliced up the back in a minute or two.

          And do you thonk if Lucas was involved, the movie would have more of a Star Wars feel? The prequels felt NOTHING like Star Wars films. Force Awakens is the closest we’ve got to a film that feels like a Star Wars film since 1983.

          • Prequels were great. Episode 1 is my favorite Star Wars movie.

            Also Hayden played Anakin very well.

          • I would also throw in the matter of that Sith also wield lightsabers, making them non-Jedi as well. Sure, some Sith are fallen Jedi, but there are those who do embrace the Sith way and can wield lightsabers perfectly. Heck, Kylo Ren is not a Sith and yet wields a lightsaber. OK, so maybe he could’ve been one under Luke’s training, but that’s another point towards a non-Jedi wielding a lightsaber.

            But yeah, there was that one tiny moment in Empire where Han did use Luke’s lightsaber to cut open that Tauntaun to help keep Luke warm during the cold… So it seems anyone can use it, it’s just not everyone is going to be a master at wielding one.

        • TL;DR edition: I think the movie is bad because I didn’t pay attention during the movie and I think my nitpicking opinions make the movie bad.

        • Hey, great opinion, thanks for sharing them and elaborate on why it is shit to you. I have to disagree, though.
          First up, it is hard to tell what a ‘Star Wars’ feeling is. Somehow I had it when I watched Episode 1 for the first time, and the Neimidians were closing the blast doors. There was this other not-viceroy guy, and the way he turned towards the closing blast doors just gave me the ‘Star Wars feeling’. Yoda fighting the Emperor (at least how it was portraied), no Star Wars feeling at all… but that is a personal thing and hard to decide.
          Okay, other points about the dialog… certainly not oscar worthy, but I can’t remember special lines from the prequels that were that much better… the original trilogy had certainly better lines, but that movie is like almost 40 years old… to make note of that is blasting important.
          Yeah, Snoke might have a tough ride to step into the emperors shoes. But we don’t know nothing, yet. May it unfolds… but he is certainly a weaker spot, here.
          Okay, badass sithness…this is a valid opinion, which I don’t share in the slightest. I am getting tired of badass villains with no substance whatsoever. That white orc from the hobbit movies…sooo boring and predictable. Darth Maul was a good swordfighter and acrobat, but ultimately an idiot. Count Dooku, what was his plan? He was old enough to outwit Palpatine… And prequel Vader was an idiot, again. Here we have a dark lord in training. He isn’t there, yet. We might witness things we’ve never seen. We already have. I am thankful for that.
          Who has taken what in these Sci Fi franchises.. I really don’t care (too much). I always liked Star Wars for being Star Wars and I always liked Star Trek for being Star Trek. They fly in space… that’s from Flash Gordon, or Jules Verne… But I really don’t want to defend the 3rd Death Star, since it is also something I might complain about.

          Yeah Nostalgia… a little is good (chess game) but I was quite happy when the thing everyone saw coming actually happened. I just hope they don’t put too much Luke stuff in the next one. But if you don’t like the new characters.. maybe the nostalgia route suits you just fine.

          Who knows why Rey can use the force. We haven’t seen everything, yet. And what I like about these movies is, that the force always has some secrets for us viewers. I loved the innuendo that Jedi ghost spirits aren’t really common in the old days, and Qui-Gon was the first who called back from the dead. They really should have given this plot more screentime in the prequels.

          Come on, that was rather like Han Solo slicing the Tauntaun. Maybe he got a little Swordtraining. How hard can it be even without the force to swing a sword left and right. Did he succeed? No, he got burned by Kylo. That’s what happened.

          I was afraid for that to happen. A silly sacrifice, something that wouldn’t suit han Solo. It wasn’t like that at all. He has grown as a character. Accepted all this force stuff. And it wasn’t anybody, it was his son. He was like, rather turn him good or die trying. It was his beloved son. I can’t stress that enough. I found another thing rather hard to believe: that Han Solo just found out what an awesome weapon Chewies bowcaster is.

          The chinese are quite good in faking things… and so is Abrams. Flawed but certainly not as flawed as other entries in the series. I don’t want to hate on Lucas, on Jar Jar, on Jake Lloyd… maybe a little on Hayden Christensen, but we got a solid movie here. It is a good start, which hopefully doesn’t take a turn ‘into darkness’ with its successor… we will see. Happy new year.

        • “Kylo Ren is an insecure teenager with anger issues. His character destroys the sleek mysterious Sith presentation of the both prequel as the original trilogy. This is really a bad thing.”

          He isn’t a Sith. He does use the dark side of the Force but he never identifies as a Sith.

          And yeah, he is an insecure teenager with anger issues. That is his character, he is worried he won’t live up to his grandfather’s legacy. He throws fits and flips his shit, like a person who derives their power from anger and fear would. His character has dimensions.

          This is not a bug, it is a feature.

  6. Harvey Korman didn’t mention how the stormtrooper who lets Rey escape is played by Daniel Craig. Plus his Stormtrooper name is JB-007.

  7. Ok, THIS was good and funny. More this, less Hocus Pocus.

    • I’m confused. What did this review differently to Hocus Pocus?

      • I’m confused. How do you not see the difference between this review and Hocus Pocus? This review feels like a more realized mix of the Mad Max review and Jurassic World/Pixel. It’s a clipless review that makes solid points about the movie, but does not allow the skit to distract and/or take over the video. In fact, the parts that had skits or holiday special references added to the review and were very clever in their inclusion. Like switching Maz with Bea Arthur? Almost pissed my pants.

        • It felt more like Jurassic World than Mad Max. I’d rather it have been more like Mad Max, but we can’t get everything we want.

          • Also, the fact that there was no pint in doing a clipless review of Hocus Pocis cause it’s been out on DVD and Blu-Ray for years. The other movies (including this one) are still in theaters, so they kind of have to do it this way.

  8. That was great! (Also, really looking forward to Lady in the Water) I love that you make these special reviews every one in a while.

    • Ah, Lady In The Water! Can’t wait for that one! Yeah, Shyamalan, here’s a tip. You wanna cast yourself in an important role in a movie you wrote? Take acting lessons!

  9. Shyamalan Month? But you already did other Shyamalan movies, why should it be special this year?

  10. I was really hoping this review would be like Mad Max. It wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t bad either. I’d say it’s slightly better than your Jurassic World review, but not as good as Mad Max. Still, I really wish you’d stop making clipless reviews.

    • He kinda has too, this movie is still out in theaters (and it probably will be for months and months…)

    • I liked this review WAY more than the Mad Max one! The jokes actually made me laugh, and he didn’t portray the people who don’t like the main character as a bunch of sad basement dwellers! This was BY FAR the best clipless review!

  11. Doug, Star Wars is more Fantasy franchise, than Sci-Fi.

  12. EXCELLENT REVIEW DOUG!!! I wished it was longer but I can imagine all those effects would take a long time. It was a very enjoyable review!

  13. OK… Doug? This was terrible. The clipless review was pretty ridiculous.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Pretty good review but since I didn’t see the original(well I saw half of it but to be fair I didn’t see the part where he killed han solo coming but still) I saw the same beats but I liked the review fine even though you totally should have got spoony to play Kylo Ren but that’s fine.

  15. Really dislike Ep 7 , 2 main characters not 1 , both have no personality ,they just run and do things , they dont really have any strong motivation , one of them just happens to have the force and its pretty much a jedi without any training , scenes that are a rip off of new hope without any of the feel of the origial , a character quotes yoda for no good reason , and Kylo ren was really odd and really did not understand hes motivation nor hes personality , there is not weight to the action scenes they feel really uninteresting and just a bad version of New hope.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      “They just run and do things”…..yes, a lot of people run and do things, what’s your point, General Vagueness?

    • “they dont really have any strong motivation”

      I could argue for Finn, mostly out of he is seeing what the First Order is capable of, he realizes that he is in a situation he doesn’t like and/or wants to be a part of and he wants to get away from it, as far away as possible so he doesn’t have anything to do with ever again.

    • (snrk) No strong motivation… I suppose you never asked yourself the question why Rey keeps saying, “I need to wait for my family”. My family. Not “my mom/dad/bro” whatever. And Luke was training a group of apprentices. Regardless of exactly how she’s related (cousin/sister/whatever), she has a very strong pull to see the family from whom she was separated…she was probably one of or the youngest apprentice in that group.

  16. Here’s the generic Nostalgia Critic review:

    “Oh, all right, I guess I kinda liked it….”

  17. I honestly think the final lightsaber fight is one of the franchises best. And I never watched any of those interviews so I didn’t immediately predict that Han was going to die.

  18. Couldn’t give a shit about the video, I’m just here to read the comments.

  19. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    I enjoyed this movie for the most part but yes this nails nearly gripe.

  20. Playwright mc. Playwright

    The JarJar jokes were amazing in this.


    Also, ‘how JarJar celebrates black history month….’ wooooooooow.

  21. Kind of underwhelming for a 300th episode. Then again, the 200th wasn’t all that special to be honest either.

    Regardless, I see what they are going for here, but c’mon! Even if it was kind expected, are guys telling me you guys didn’t cry when it happened?

  22. Who else thought: “OMG! Too soon!” when seeing the title card?
    And who thought: “Actually, this is pretty good” after seeing it?

    In all seriousness, it’s one of your better non-regular reviews (waaaay better than the horrible Mad Max review).
    And… it’s also WAY better than the Passion of the Christ crossover with the snob of a few months ago.

  23. For Shyamalan month I’m kind of hoping he does a crossover with Chris Stuckmann considering he’s a big Shyamalan fan! Having the two talk about Signs head to head would be pretty interesting!

  24. My goodness, this review was boring.

  25. This was pretty good actually, easily the best clip less review. Although I feel as though a lot of this wouldn’t make any sense if the person watching it didn’t know what happened in the Holiday Special.

  26. Yay! Malcolm didn’t have to dress like a woman for once! LOL. ^.^ This review was mixed for me. Although, the B Arthur scene made me laugh hard and that ending did, too. Those were worth any complaints that I have with this review, in fact! 😀 I knew that SOMEONE would die in Episode 7 but I didn’t know who. I didn’t know about Harrison Ford wanting to die in Episode 6 so I didn’t see the death coming. Yeah, I don’t care if it was similar to Episode 4. It was great and that’s all that matters. Also, Shyamalan month?! YAY!

  27. There’s a simple explanation for repeating the original trilogy:
    Get all of the nostalgic stuff out of the way so that the next two films can bring in completely original plots and characters. The base world will still be the same, but the story will grow in a new way from the perspective of someone who loves the series they’re working on.

  28. These fucking retarded sketches are getting worse and worse, they used to at least make a little sense now you’re just combining stories into shitty jokes. You suck

  29. the meaning is Toys..

    Toys for children to buy and make a lot of money

  30. Oh, thank god, you did make this more like the first 2 instead of relying on every single one of your fans having seen the film thus giving you an excuse not to have an actual summary to context to the jokes. Again, I still wish these weren’t so frequent, but at least this felt more like an actual review than a full-on parody.

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