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Cinema Snob helps Critic look over Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a continuation of the most popular sci-fi movies ever, but how does it hold up to the original?

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  1. Brad, you totally killed it at doing Harrison Ford’s voice, no pun intended 😉

  2. I’m still calling Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, because it’s a love letter to the Original Trilogy, but it’s still a brand new story, with brand new characters, and it makes me look forward to what will happen in the final 2 episodes of the Sequel Trilogy, where we’ll have more of Snoke, more new characters, and all the other things Star Wars fans like me love.

  3. Can’t wait for the Behind The Scenes of this!

  4. Not bad. I’m not a big fan of this style but it worked and hey… obviously do whatever works for you and is fun to do. The quality of the production was pretty great for a NC review.

    I see why they did this movie the way they did. It was safe. They pulled in a lot of elements from the original trilogy but still introduce you to the new characters. Honestly if they did it any other way everyone would have hated it. The characters are strong. the story was , To paraphrase JJ, “a children’s story that adults watch”. So it was just an entertaining story with strong characters and some eye candy thrown in. Not a ground breaking movie but it sets the groundwork for the next two to really be great. Now, if the next two do the same thing then it will all fall apart.

  5. This is the old Star Wars (hooray, they proved they can copy from the original instead of produce original prequel feces material!) repackaged with J.J.’s unique grating blend of forced social engineering. A lot of comedy could have built around that. Start with the classic progressive-affirmative-action enginered, nearly invulnerable 100lb female lead that beats the living snot out of men twice her weight and nancifying all those she comes in contact with, and branch out for there — so much great material to work with. I know you’re quite Liberal Doug, but try to be a little more centred and see the blatant opportunities that present themselves!

  6. You talked about the lack of investment in characters — when you have a nearly invincible lead who suffers little distress, a character designed to be so impervious to flaws (designed in an obviously overcompensating fashion to correct some perceived male patriarchy of the past) there are little perceived stakes in any battle taking place. It’s entering God mode on a video game, there is little payoff when it’s all said and done.

  7. It’s nice to see that Brad’s hair grew back.

  8. Should have just reviewed it as Doug, an NC video without clips just comes off as boring imo. As for the movie itself, it was awesome!

    Yes, it may have some superficial similarities with the original films, but it was done well. I’d rank it higher than RotJ.

    • Boo. It’s trendy to hate on RotJ right now, so hipster.

      I like The Force Awakens, but my favorite SW film is still RotJ.

      Nothing in the Force Awakens had the menace or gravity of Luke’s confrontation with Vader and the Dark Emperor…not even close.

  9. slightlyflightyone

    Does this mean I’m not the only who didn’t enjoy Star Wars Episode VII? o.o

  10. I’m usually a little more forgiving when it comes to clipless reviews than most others around here but this one didn’t quite do it for me. It seemed to be missing a certain “spark” to really make it work. Snob did a good job in his portrayal of Han Solo and Tamara did a fantastic job, love the accent, of doing Rey.

    But something seemed to be missing here. I did like the parody of the Holiday Special and dig at the prequels. Also Rob as Harvey Korman.

    But one thing, and this was mentioned by Rob in the SR review, is that the end-battle with the NotDeathstar is that it doesn’t matter. At this point we’re not supposed to care about Po or the new-group of Rebels because they’re not the focus of this movie’s story. It’s about Rey and Finn’s characters as well as Solo’s. Their story matters than the deal with the NotRebels/NotEmpire.

    Everything else was just the backdrop, like why the Ep.IV duplication is non-issue; it’s just there to re-center us in the SW universe, to show J.J. can handle the universe and doing it right and to give us a ab emotional connection to the characters.

    We’ll see how it goes from here.

    Okay episode and thought everyone did a good performance.

  11. Thanks Doug and crew for this awesome gift. Really appreciate your hard work. Keep it up. Love what you guys do 🙂

  12. ShyamAmon rises!

  13. I’m sorry, but The Force Awakens just doesn’t feel like Star Wars to me. I loved the prequels and the EU, so from my point of view Star Wars didn’t need saving. We prequel fans are not some small minority, so why do you continually refuse to acknowledge our existence. Do you have any idea how worthless that makes us feel?

  14. don’t compare it to the 1st movie. you’l realize it’s the same movie.

  15. Doug and Company always find unique, fun ways to review things. The Force Awakens + The Star Wars Holiday Special? Genius!!

  16. He wears a mask because he desperately wants to be Darth Vader.

  17. You guys pretty much nailed my sentiments and thoughts on The Force Awakens exactly.

    1) yeah…Rey is a bit of a Mary Sue

    2) The plot elements are very similar to A New Hope, and this was meant to be a safe “anti-prequel”

    3) Han’s death wasn’t that badly telegraphed until he stepped onto the bridge, then we all saw it coming

    4) The emperor Snork guy looked terrible and fake, he reminded me of the white orc leader from the Hobbit movies

    Here’s my biggest problem with the film:

    – While the lead characters and supporting cast were great, the villains never seemed that menacing or interesting.

    Overall, I really liked The Force Awakens, but it’s not perfect by any means.

  18. I still liked it better than any other Star Wars movie

    • Also, if you’re complaining about the similarities to the original trilogy, need I remind you that every episode in the originals was basically a rehash of the others? Main character has information, other main characters rescue main character, someone dies or is frozen in carbonite, battle station explodes.

  19. Just got back from my second viewing of the film. I’m a huge star wars fan, but while Ep 7 was a good film, it just doesn’t really feel like part of the saga to me. More like just a really good Expanded Universe film.

  20. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Wow, two whole minutes before the Jar Jar hate started. Must be a new record for Doug. So fucking BORING!

  21. Hey, I loved The Force Awakens, I was bouncing up & down in my seat with joy like a 10 year old when Rey & Finn first took their stations in the Millennium Falcon, I cried when Han died, and I cheered like a MOFO when Rey Force-grabbed Luke’s lightsaber. But I will say this: your version of Han & Leia’s big scene together was much better than the one in the actual movie.

  22. I saw the movie today and I think it’s one of the best Star Wars movies ever. As for the review, It was very entertaining and I love how you make fun of the Star Wars Holiday Special by cutting of the song at the end. Hilarious. Should be interesting what Shyamalan movies you review.

  23. Holy crap, I seriously just saw Mike in the coming attracting at my local theater!

  24. Agusti Guerola Garcia

    Awesome review of “A new hope 2.0´´ ^_^

  25. This film made me like Star Wars a lot more. It turned me from a casual fan into a… moderate fan.

    Any way, I found this clipless review to be good, but not as good as the Pixels one. Probably due to how you were using the sketches to make fun of the film to criticize it rather than comically nit-pick.

  26. Left out Simon Pegg.

  27. Brad made this “review” watchable.

  28. Seriously, nobody likes these, and it doesn’t matter how big a strawman he builds whining about it in other videos it won’t change that.

    People don’t hate these because they’re “different.” People hate these because they suck.

  29. You put railings on the bridge spanning the huge, deadly abyss…. Who would put railings on such a thing??? That just seems silly!

  30. Brilliant! I love how the point of how Abrams has now proved he can do Star Wars before he can take it in a new direction was (parodied? lamp-shaded? I’m looking for the right word…) by the NC proving he can make a Star Wars Holiday Special before taking it in a new direction. I’m starting to like these clip-less reviews more and more as they start getting better and better.

    I also think The Force Awakens was good. Not as smart as the original trilogy and a little derivative, but a very enjoyable film. I wait for my favorite character, Luke Skywalker, to return to us in the sequel, so the balance may be restored to my most nostalgic of film franchises.

    Happy New Year everyone.

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