Star Wars Rebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire (PC, PS1) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews Star Wars Rebel Assault II (2): The Hidden Empire for the PC and PS1. How does the sequel to the first Rebel Assault fare by using original recorded Star Wars footage after Return of the Jedi? Can Rookie One save the day once again from Darth Vader and the Empire?

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  1. Have you done the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series yet? Because Kyle Katarn is awesome!

    One of the worst things about the new Star Wars canon is that Kyle Katarn no longer exists.

    • Got a 486? Don’t make me laugh!
      Your Windows boots up, in – what? – a day and a half?

    • I’d have to replay them again since it’s been a long time, but I definitely want to get around to them!

      – Ryan

      • One thing I really loved about how the series progressed: they kept upping the gameplay. DF was basically a Doom clone, but DF2:JK added force abilities, a storyline, and a morality system where your actions had consequences. And JK2 continued the story and added even more gameplay elements.

        I was going to replay the series myself, but ended up sidetracked by Oblivion.

    • Well, considering that “evil” Disney make Thrawn canon I would not be surprised if that isn’t entirely true. They make some weird mistery regard a character called “DJ” what definitely you should check (people speculate that he is either Ezra or Kyle).

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