Star Wars Rebel Assault Review (PC, Sega CD, PS1) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews Star Wars Rebel Assault for the PC, Sega CD, and the PS1. How does this “Arcade Action” title fare in the Star Wars Universe of video games? Is the force with it or will it go to the dark side?

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  1. Maybe your experience was different, but when I bought Rebel Assault on GOG, it was completely unplayable- the controls were insanely sensitive, much much more than I remember playing it back when it was new. That made things very difficult, but I still managed to get through all the training missions. Then came the Star Destroyer, which requires you to make accurate shots to destroy the guns before they can fire at you, and it was impossible. The controls fly all over the place, but they also jerk into place to lock on to targets… but they don’t actually lock, they just yank your crosshairs onto the target abruptly and then let it go, so every time I tried to very gently aim the ultra-sensitive controls, the game suddenly tugged them over to the target and made me overshoot it before I could react. Rebel Assault 2 played just fine, but I couldn’t find a way to get the first game to work properly. How did you make yours playable?

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